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Backroad Gee Biography, Age, Height, Discography and Net Worth

Backroad Gee Biography

Backroad Gee is an esteemed rapper, singer, and songwriter who has risen to fame due to his hit songs, Under Attack and Nyege Lewa. A certified polyglot, Gee speaks four languages fluently. He has become popular for his unique style of rapping and use of onomatopoeia in his songs by making renditions of famous songs and sounds, which he effortlessly incorporates into his craft. In this article, we take a close look at everything you’d want to know about Backroad Gee, so be sure to read to the end to get the full scoop.

Backroad Gee Wiki

With a gritty look and a rowdy style of rapping, witty bars, and catchy choruses revolve around guttural rumbles with sharp ticks and clacks. Backroad Gee is a master of mixing up street lingo with tongue-twisting sound effects that are worthy of their own genre. He first burst onto the scene in January 2020 with his smash single, ‘Party Popper’, which is still a fan favorite to date (talk about a grand entrance).

Gee continued on an upward trend through the ranks of UK rap and began to have a cult-like fanbase who were always eager to hear what Backroad had in store for them. He brought a new style to the UK rap scene, which was already plagued with redundant beats and overused flows. As is his norm, Gee is a non-conformist and chose to pave his own way through the rap scene, introducing his own style and wave of music, which has left a lasting impact on the rap scene. He followed up Party Popper with a couple of remixes and collaborations with notable names like Karma, Pa Salieu, TeeZandos, Trizzac, and Ambush.

Come Up

Gee thereafter dropped his much-anticipated Mukta vs. Mukta EP, which was perfectly received by his fans all over the world. After his legendary EP gained global recognition, Backroad Gee has managed to get himself on several major media platforms, such as Spotify’s influential Who We Are, BBC 1xtra, Rap UK lists, and Apple Music’s Agenda. He has also been featured in No Signal’s ones-to-watch yearbook for the year 2021.

For him, the pandemic lockdown was a blessing rather than a setback, and he even stated that the only thing that bugged him out about the pandemic was the inability to do live shows. He has since been making all the big moves in the industry and has even had two collaborations with international superstar Burna Boy. Other drill artists you might like are Fendi Da Rappa and Tay Savage.

Musical Influences

As a young lad navigating the vibrant streets of London alongside his mother, he traversed every nook and cranny of the sprawling metropolis, currently calling East Finchley his home. The rhythm of his life was painted with the melodic strokes of Congolese soukous, the electrifying beats of rumba, and the harmonious melodies of ndule.

Backroad embarked on a musical journey, starting by setting the tempo with the drums in the bands of Christian churches. He eagerly soaked up knowledge, mastering the keyboard and guitar, all the while discovering an innate gift for serenading. In this diverse soundscape, he found his voice.

The rap enigmas of the United States, courtesy of his uncles, had a significant influence on his artistic journey. He tips his hat to luminaries like Styles P, LOX, KRS One, Wu-Tang, and The Fugees. Meanwhile, his living room became a portal to the pulsating worlds of grime and garage, all thanks to the magic of Channel U. The city’s musical mosaic shaped him into the artist he is today.

Music Style

He imitated verses from his mentors, gradually making them his own. At the age of 13, he penned his first original lyrics. Around the same time, he’d gaze down from the top deck of the bus as it rolled through Plaistow, catching glimpses of Ghetts and Griminal hanging out by the Greengate pub. Sharing studios with the pioneering grime MCs he had grown up listening to? “I’ve processed it, but it’s surreal. Crazy things like that just seem to come my way.” By the age of 14, he was freestyling on the bus and emulating his idols in the schoolyard.

Backroad Gee Age

Backroad Gee is 26 years old as of 2023. He was born in 1997 and celebrates his birtday on August 29 every year.

Backroad Gee Nationality

Backroad Gee is a British national. He, however, has a Congolese background and is a polyglot who speaks four languages fluently, including English, Congolese, and French. He incorporates all aspects of his background and upbringing into his music and is more than proud of his diverse origins.

Backroad Gee Height and Appearance

Backroad Gee stands at a height of 6 feet as of 2023. He pairs up his commanding stature with a dark and attractive complexion, which is worthy of his gangster persona. In addition, he has brown eyes and black hair. In addition, Backroad has a slim but fit physique and appears to work out from time to time. He loves wearing fashionable clothing, is usually dressed in designer clothes, and keeps up with the latest fashion trends. He considers himself a fashion icon, and it evidently shows in the outfits he showcases on his Instagram page.

NickNameKing Brukutu
Age26 years old
BirthdayAugust 29, 1997
Hair ColorBlack
Height 6 feet
OccupationRapper and songwriter
Birth SignVirgo
Net Worth$5 million

Backroad Gee Discography

Since his debut in 2020, Backroad Gee has been very busy in the booth. In 2021, he revealed that he was sitting on more than 300 unreleased songs, and flashforward to 2023, it seems he was not bluffing. He releases music on a regular basis and does several features and collaborations, which goes to show just how skilled and gifted he is as both a writer and rapper.

Backroad Gee Net Worth

Gee has an estimated net worth of around $5 million as of 2023. He owes his impressive net worth to his now-booming career in the global music scene. His relentless approach to dropping music and ability to make up new and unique flows has earned him a large fanbase, who usually fill up his live shows to the brim. Gee also earns handsomely from music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube where he posts his songs, EPs, and albums.

He shows off his wealth by showing off designer clothes on his Instagram in addition to having the coolest cars and gadgets in the market. Gee owns a blacked-out Mercedes-Benz AMG GT which he has put on display on his Instagram for the world to admire. He has other cool stuff which he shows of on his Instagram and it is clear that he is living the superstar life worthy of his fame.

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