Bryan Meadows

Bryan Meadows Biography, Age, Wife, Church and Net Worth

Bryan Meadows Biography

Bryan Meadows is an American pastor and evangelist renowned for his remarkable insights and transformational ministry. As the Senior Pastor of Embassy International Worship Center in Atlanta, Georgia, he has dedicated his life to activating gifts, drawing out destiny, and maximizing the potential of individuals and future generations. With a deep passion for seeing cities transformed, Bryan Meadows is known for his gift of revelation, innovative strategies, and apostolic insight, which have established him as a trusted apostolic covering for an international network of leaders.

Bryan Meadows Wiki

His journey in ministry began when he encountered salvation in 2004 at the age of 17. Recognizing his divine calling, he was licensed to preach the gospel in 2005 and has since embarked on a path of dedicated service and leadership.

Meadows serves as the Senior Pastor of Embassy International Worship Center, a thriving church founded in 2011. From its humble beginnings in the living room of Bryan and Patrice Meadows, Embassy Church has grown into an apostolic hub that activates and cultivates gifts in individuals, preparing them for global impact. Through innovative techniques, spiritual succession, and cultural engagement, Bryan Meadows and his dedicated team advance the Kingdom of God, bringing transformative change to the lives of those they serve.

Bryan Meadows Ministries
Bryan Meadows Ministries

Meadows serves as a beacon of inspiration and transformation, bringing hope, revelation, and purpose to the lives of countless individuals. With his apostolic insight and unwavering dedication, he continues to impact generations and make a lasting difference in the world around him.

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Bryan Meadows Age

Bryan Meadows is 36 years old as of 2023. He stands as a vibrant example of faith and dedication. Born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1987, he carries a deep love for his city and a burning desire to impact his generation and those to come. His passion and wisdom extend far beyond his years, making him a respected voice among his peers and a source of inspiration to many.

Bryan Meadows Height and Attributes

Standing at a height of 5 feet 9 inches, Meadows possesses a commanding presence that matches his unwavering commitment to his calling. With his fair brown skin, captivating brown eyes, and a neatly kept beard, he exudes an air of elegance, style, and respect. As a true gentleman, he embodies grace and charisma in every aspect of his life and ministry.

Full NameBryan Meadows
Age36 years old
Height5 feet 9 inches
Net Worth$3 million

Bryan Meadows Wife

Bryan Meadows is happily married to his beloved wife, Patrice Meadows, whom he deeply adores. Together, they lead Embassy International Church in Atlanta, Georgia, with unwavering dedication and a shared vision for transforming lives. Patrice Meadows, a mother, author, pastor, and veteran educator, stands by Bryan’s side as they shepherd their congregation and impact their community with grace, wisdom, and love. The couple’s unyielding commitment to one another and their shared passion for ministry have fortified their marriage, which has flourished for 14 years.

Bryan with his wife Patrice
Bryan with his wife Patrice

Bryan Meadows Net Worth

With an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2023, Bryan is a testament to humble living and a faithful steward of his resources. Although he possesses wealth, he embraces a modest lifestyle and refrains from ostentatious displays of opulence. Instead, he prioritizes his family, ministry, and the well-being of those he serves, demonstrating a heart of generosity and a commitment to making a difference in the lives of others.

Interesting Facts About Bryan

  1. Bryan has been actively involved in ministry since the young age of 17 when he encountered salvation.
  2. He is widely recognized for his gift of revelation, innovative strategies, and apostolic insight.
  3. Bryan and Patrice Meadows founded Embassy International Worship Center in 2011, starting in their own living room.
  4. Bryan is dedicated to activating and cultivating gifts in people to prepare them for global impact.
  5. He stands as a trusted apostolic covering for an international network of leaders.
  6. Bryan prioritizes city transformation and cultural engagement in his ministry approach.
  7. Despite his net worth, he lives a modest life and does not showcase his wealth on social media.
  8. Bryan and his wife, Patrice, share a profound love and commitment to their marriage, ministry, and family.
  9. Patrice Meadows is a respected author, pastor, and veteran educator who stands as a pillar of strength and support alongside Bryan.
  10. Bryan’s daughter celebrated her 13th birthday in June 2023, and he cherishes her deeply, embodying the role of a loving and dedicated father.

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