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Cathy Tie Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband and Net Worth

Cathy Tie Biography

Cathy Tie is a renowned Canadian entrepreneur and bioinformatician known for being the founder and CEO of Locke Bio which is described as the ‘Shopify’ for the global Health Industry. In addition, Cathy also founded Ranomics, a genetic screening company.

Cathy Tie Wikipedia

Based in Los Angeles, California, Cathy is a lover of books and education and has all the accolades to show for it. In 2012, she studied Experimental Psychology and Modern Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania. Thereafter, she joined Harvard University where she did summer undergraduate studies in Physics. From 2014 to 2015, she studied at the University of Toronto where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biomathematics, Bioinformatics, and Computational Biology.

Early Work

At the age of 15, she collaborated with researchers at the University of Toronto on an immunology project, successfully publishing a solo-authored manuscript in the Canadian Young Scientist Journal the following year. Expanding her research scope, she contributed to a team publication in 2018, focusing on using yeast as a gene variant model.

In her inaugural year as an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, Tie actively engaged in genetic research at Mount Sinai Hospital. Working within the laboratory of Frederick Roth, she seized an opportunity upon learning about a biotech startup competition. Partnering with Leo Wan, a graduate student from Roth’s lab, they jointly crafted a business plan for a groundbreaking genomics startup.


Cathy founded her company Ranomics, as its CEO in November 2014. Operating from Toronto, Canada, Ranomics was involved in investigating variants of unknown significance that caused genetic tests to fail or misdiagnose patients. From February 2018 to August 2019, Cathy served as a Partner at Cervin Ventures. Cathy founded Locke Bio in 2019. Locke Bio is a telemedicine and data-mining company that offers online telemedicine and telepharmacy services to consumers while building datasets.

Cathy Tie Age

Born in 1996, Cathy Tie is currently 27 years old as of 2023. She has managed to achieve very impressive feats which have even earned her a spot in the lucrative Forbes “30 under 30” list which is only for a select few of the youngest innovators in the world.

Cathy Tie Height and Appearance

Coming from an Asian background, Cathy has beautiful long black hair, a petite physique, and is fairly tall. She currently stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches tall as of 2023 and is very beautiful. Some of her fans often even suggest that she should venture into modeling as she has all the necessary traits to make it big in the realm of modeling.

Full NameCathy Tie
Age27 years old
Home CountryChina
Height 5 feet 8 inches
OccupationEntrepreneur and bioinformatician
HusbandNot shared
Net Worth$20 million

Cathy Tie Husband

Cathy Tie has managed to keep her love life under the radar and it appears she prefers to remain discrete about her personal life. However, we will continue researching his matter and will update details about her spouse as soon as anything comes up.

Cathy Tie Net Worth

Cathy Tie currently boasts an estimated net worth of around $20 million. This impressive figure is mainly a result of her thriving company, Locke Bio, as well as other investments she has made in the past.

Fortune Business Insights reports that the global telehealth market, which was valued at $144.38 billion in 2020, is projected to achieve a staggering $636.38 billion by 2028. This exponential growth justifies the branding of Cathy as a multimillionaire at such a young age, attributed to her remarkable success in the field of telehealth.

Cathy Tie’s Awards

Here are some of the awards that Cathy has received due to her successful career in telehealth;

  • 2015: Thiel Fellow Selection Tie earned recognition in 2015 as she was chosen as a Thiel Fellow, marking a pivotal moment in her journey.
  • 2015: Incubator Mentorship Win During the same year, Tie, alongside Ranomics co-founder Leo Wan, secured a noteworthy achievement by winning a $100,000 USD incubator mentorship through SOSV’s IndieBio incubator.
  • 2017: Kairos Society’s “Kairos 50” Selection The Kairos Society acknowledged Ranomics in 2017, designating it as one of its “Kairos 50” for its contributions to “improving the understanding of human genetics.”
  • 2018: Forbes Healthcare “30 under 30” Tie’s accomplishments reached new heights in 2018 when Forbes magazine included her in the prestigious “Healthcare 30 under 30” list, recognizing her impact in the healthcare industry.
  • 2019: Forbes “30 under 30” Innovators in Canada Forbes continued to acknowledge Tie’s innovation and influence, featuring her in the “30 under 30” list for innovators in Canada in 2019. This dual recognition underlines Tie’s sustained commitment to excellence and groundbreaking contributions in her field.

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