David Diga Hernandez

David Diga Hernandez Biography, Age, Wife and Net Worth

David Diga Hernandez Biography

David Diga Hernandez is an American evangelist, author Bible expositor, healing minister, and TV host. He is the president of the David Hernandez Ministries which he founded in January 2012. He also has a very renowned Youtube channel which has over a million subscribers and usually garners views in the hundreds of thousands and even millions.

David Diga Hernandez Wiki

During his adolescence, Hernandez had a personal encounter with God, which developed his faith and spurred him into ministry. He graduated with honors from Vanguard University in Costa Mesa, California, with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. He has obtained ministry training from The Brownsville Revival School of Ministry.

Hernandez’s ministry is renowned for his emphasis on God’s miraculous power, notably in the domain of healing. He believes in the continuity of the New Testament’s spiritual gifts and has witnessed many miraculous healings in his gatherings. Hernandez frequently teaches on issues such as supernatural healing, deliverance, and Holy Spirit baptism.

David Diga Hernandez Age

Hernandez is 34 years old as of 2023. He was born on March 22, 1989, in the United States. He grew up in a Christian family and developed a passion for ministry from a young age. 

David Diga Hernandez Height and Attributes

David has a presence characterized by his estimated height of 5 feet 9 inches. His appearance is often complemented by his well-kept, short, and very dark black hair. This attention to grooming reflects his dedication to presenting himself in a polished and professional manner. His overall appearance aligns with his role as a Christian evangelist, projecting an image of confidence and approachability to those he interacts with.

Full NameDavid Diga Hernandez
Age34 years old
Birth SignGemini
Height5 feet 9 inches
Children1 daughter
OccupationAuthor, Evangelist, Youtuber, and TV Host.
Net Worth$5 million to $7 million

David Diga Hernandez Wife

Hernandez married Jessica Hernandez in April 2015, and together they have a daughter named Aria Rose, born in April 2019. Their family life is grounded in their shared faith and serves as a source of inspiration and support for David in his ministry.

David With His Wife Jessica

David Diga Hernandez Books

Hernandez is an accomplished author who has written insightful books to enhance readers’ understanding of Christianity and deepen their relationship with God. His notable works include “Encountering the Holy Spirit in Every Book of the Bible” and “Carriers of the Glory.”

In these books, Hernandez explores the presence of the Holy Spirit throughout Scripture and encourages readers to embrace their identity as carriers of God’s glory. Through practical guidance and personal anecdotes, he inspires transformative journeys of faith and empowers individuals to live out their spiritual heritage to the fullest.

David Diga Hernandez Youtube

Hernandez has established a significant online presence through his YouTube channel, which he initiated in September 2007. With unwavering dedication, he consistently shares religious videos, captivating viewers with his powerful messages. With over a thousand videos uploaded, Hernandez has amassed a staggering total of over 140 million views, an impressive testament to the impact of his content.

David conducting an interview on his Youtube

As a result of his engaging and insightful videos, his channel boasts a remarkable community of over 1.2 million subscribers. Through this digital platform, Hernandez continues to inspire and uplift countless individuals, fostering spiritual growth and nurturing a global community of believers.

David Diga Hernandez Net Worth

David has an estimated net worth of between $5 million to $7 million as of 2023. His net worth is influenced by various factors such as income from ministry work, book sales, speaking engagements, and other ventures. 

10 Interesting Facts About David

  1. David Diga Hernandez comes from a multicultural background, with Mexican and Portuguese heritage.
  2. Before pursuing full-time ministry, he had ambitions to become an actor and even attended acting classes.
  3. Hernandez has traveled to over 50 countries, spreading his message and conducting healing services worldwide.
  4. He has been a guest on various Christian television programs and has appeared on networks like TBN, Daystar, and GOD TV.
  5. David Diga Hernandez is multilingual and can speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese fluently.
  6. He is an avid reader and draws inspiration from a wide range of authors and theologians.
  7. Hernandez has a passion for fitness and believes in maintaining a healthy body as a temple for the Holy Spirit.
  8. He started preaching and teaching in churches at the young age of 16, igniting his journey as a minister.
  9. David Diga Hernandez is a strong advocate for social justice and believes in addressing issues of injustice and inequality through the lens of the Gospel.
  10. He actively mentors and disciples young leaders, investing in the next generation of ministers and influencers.

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