FN DaDealer

FN DaDealer Biography, Age, Baby Mama, Charges and Net Worth

FN DaDealer Biography

FN DaDealer (Born Jakobe Moody) is an Atlanta-based rapper signed to Young Thug’s YSL collective and is currently the talk of the town for his music as well as some other controversial things surrounding his rise to fame. In this article, we will answer every question you have about FN, from his age to his charges, we have the full scoop.

FN DaDealer Wiki

FN’s journey into the world of rap began in high school, when his passion for the genre ignited. In 2020, right after graduating from high school, he took a significant step by signing with Young Thug’s renowned record label, Young Stoner Life Records, often abbreviated as ‘YSL’. Remarkably, FN became the youngest artist ever to join the label at just 18 years old.

His breakthrough came when he was featured in YSL’s collaborative album, “Slime Language 2,” where he showcased his talent alongside Young Thug and Gunna. Notably, two tracks from the album, “Explosion” and “Really Be Slime,” prominently featured FN DaDealer. This exposure catapulted FN into the rap scene, catching the attention of fans.

In 2021, FN made his solo debut with his first mixtape titled “Big Deal.” Since then, he has continued to drop more than ten tracks and even released a full album titled “From Nun.” FN DaDealer’s rise in the rap industry has been meteoric, and his potential for superstardom is undeniable. However, he faces legal challenges that could impact his future, adding an element of uncertainty to his promising career.

FN DaDealer Age

Born on the south side of Atlanta, Georgia, FN DaDealer is 20 years old as of 2023. He grew up in a very tough background and had to learn how to survive in the gritty and hostile streets of Atlanta.

FN DaDealer Height and Appearance

FN stands at a height of 5 feet, 4 inches. In addition, he has a relatively fit physique and likes to keep his hair short. He also has several tattoos all over his body, which bring out his gangster persona even more. FN also dresses very fashionably and has over

Real NameJakobe Moody
Age20 years old
Height5 feet 4 inches
HometownAtlanta, Georgia
Record LabelYoung Stoner Life Records
Net Worth$700,000

FN DaDealer’s Love Life

FN DaDealer is known for maintaining a low profile when it comes to his romantic life, preferring to keep his personal relationships away from the public eye. Despite his constant presence in the spotlight, he has successfully shielded his love life from prying eyes and tends to keep his romantic affairs private.

However, in a rare moment of openness during an interview with DGB, FN disclosed that he is a proud father to a daughter, embracing the role of a “girl dad” with enthusiasm. Notably, he has chosen to remain discreet about revealing the names of his daughter and her mother. The identities of his child and her mother remain undisclosed, but should there be any developments or revelations regarding this aspect of FN’s life, we will be sure to provide updates.

FN DaDealer Discography

FN kick-started his musical journey by independently releasing his debut track, “Opposition,” on YouTube. This bold move was followed by his first-ever music video, “All Of Me,” which saw the light of day in 2020. Impressively, “All Of Me” has garnered over 149,000 views on YouTube, a testament to FN’s growing appeal.

Building on this momentum, FN dropped the infectious track “Hard Head,” which quickly grabbed the attention of none other than Young Thug. In that same year, FN secured a contract with Young Stoner Life Records, marking a pivotal moment in his career.

Since joining the YSL family, FN has been consistently delivering new music to his ever-expanding fan base. He distributes his tracks on various streaming platforms, including Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. As of September 25, 2023, FN has amassed an impressive following, boasting over 33,000 subscribers on YouTube and an astounding 11 million total views on the platform.

Furthermore, FN’s presence on Spotify is noteworthy, with more than 121,000 monthly listeners. Some of his standout releases include tracks like “THATS ME,” “OK,” “See It Coming,” “Demon Time,” “Freestyle,” “Street Life,” “Accident,” “I Remember,” “Bloodshed,” “Pissed Off,” “New Money” (featuring Lil ManMan), “Too Humble,” “Hard Head,” and the aforementioned “All Of Me.” FN’s catalog reflects his undeniable talent and the growing excitement surrounding his music career.

FN DaDealer Net Worth

Following his lucrative record deal with YSL, FN DaDealer currently has an estimated net worth currently hovering around $700,000. His journey to success is marked by a heartwarming gesture, as he shared that upon receiving his initial paycheck, his first priority was to purchase a house for his mother. Remarkably, he didn’t indulge in flashy jewelry or extravagant cars for himself at that time.

However, as FN’s career continued to flourish, the zeros in his bank account continued to multiply. Today, he revels in the luxuries that life has to offer, unabashedly displaying his wealth on social media platforms. His Instagram account is adorned with ostentatious displays of substantial stacks of cash, emblematic of his financial success. Additionally, FN has proudly showcased his Dodge car on his page, offering a glimpse into the opulent lifestyle that his hard work and talent have afforded him.

FN DaDealer Murder Charge?

FN found himself entangled in a web of legal troubles, mirroring a trend seen among some members of Young Thug’s record label. In early 2023, he faced serious allegations stemming from an incident involving Tremaine Glasper, a father of two, on June 5th. The alleged incident unfolded at the Columbia and Mechanicville Crossing apartment on Wells Street.

Regrettably, FN DaDealer is currently navigating the complexities of the legal system, with the specter of severe consequences hanging over him. As of now, he has not received a formal sentence, and the case seems to have fallen into relative silence. Naturally, FN’s devoted fans are anxiously awaiting any updates on the matter, and we pledge to keep you informed should there be any noteworthy developments in his legal situation.

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