Ian Crossland Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Wife and Net Worth

Ian Crossland Biography

Ian Crossland is an experienced media director and social media entrepreneur with a passion for creating engaging content. With a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree focused on theater from Kent State University, Ian has a diverse skill set, excelling in acting, comedy, video production, voice acting, and film.

Ian Crossland Wikipedia

Over the span of 17 years, Ian has made his mark in the internet industry, leaving a trail of success in various roles. From May 2011 to November 2021, he served as a Director for Minds Inc. in Greater New York City Area, contributing significantly to the company’s growth and development. Additionally, since May 2006, Ian has been making waves as a YouTube producer, showcasing his creativity and talent through captivating content. More recently, he has taken on the role of host and developer for Timcast IRL Media since February 2020, making meaningful contributions to the news, politics, and culture podcast led by Tim Pool.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Ian has a soft spot for feline friends, sharing his love for cats and even owning a few. His vibrant and fun-loving personality shines through on his Instagram, where he often posts memes and entertaining videos. Additionally, Ian values self-care and relaxation, embracing practices like meditation and enjoying music. He has also developed an appreciation for precious and peculiar-looking stones, reflecting his passion for unique and intriguing finds.

In conclusion, Ian Crossland’s journey as a social media entrepreneur and content creator has been marked by creativity, innovation, and dedication to his craft. With a diverse range of skills and a genuine passion for creating meaningful content, Ian continues to inspire and entertain his audience, leaving a lasting impact on the digital landscape.

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Ian Crossland Age

Ian is currently around 28 to 35 years old as of 2023. Born with a passion for the arts and a flair for creativity, Ian Crossland’s journey in the media industry began many years ago. As of 2023, he is continuing to make an impact with his innovative content and unique style.

Ian Crossland Height and Appearance

Standing tall at 5 feet 11 inches, Ian has a distinct presence that captivates his audience. His long brown hair has become somewhat of a trademark look, accompanied by a casual yet respectable sense of style. Often seen with glasses, Ian’s appearance complements his creative and artistic persona.

Full NameIan Crossland
Age28 to 35 years old
Birth yearN/A
Height5 feet 11
Known forPodcast host, Social media influencer, Producer
Net Worth$300,000

Ian Crossland Wife

In his personal life, Ian is happily married to Cara Kalbrener, a kindred spirit with a similar personality. Together, they form a dynamic duo, occasionally sharing their adventures and cherished moments on their social media platforms.

Ian Crossland Timcast

As a valuable member of Timcast IRL Media, Ian Crossland plays a pivotal role in delivering engaging content to a diverse audience. His contributions to the podcast highlight his passion for discussing news, politics, and cultural topics, further solidifying his position as a prominent social media entrepreneur and content creator.

Watch Ian Crossland on YouTube
Watch Ian Crossland on YouTube

Ian Crossland Net Worth

Ian Crossland’s talent and hard work have resulted in an estimated net worth of around $300,000 as of 2023. While living an interesting and fulfilling life, Ian remains humble and down-to-earth, focusing on creating exceptional content and engaging with his ever-growing fan base.

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