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Innocent Java Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Church and Net Worth

Innocent Java Biography

Gamuchirai Innocent Musa, A.K.A. Innocent Java, is a Zimbabwean Christian evangelist, artist, singer, songwriter, and vocalist best known for being a head pastor at the Kingdom Embassy in Homestead, Houston, Texas. He was ordained to launch the first branch of the world-renowned ministry which has transcended the borders of several countries and has made the United States its home. In this article, we take a closer look into Innocent’s life, so be sure to read to the end.

Innocent Java Wikipedia

Innocent, a self-proclaimed modern-day apostle, holds a prominent role in the Kingdom Embassy, an international religious organization with numerous branches worldwide. He was ordained to establish the inaugural branch of the Kingdom Embassy, and today, this organization boasts several thriving branches across the globe.

In addition to his ministerial duties, Innocent is deeply passionate about music, making a name for himself as a recording artist, songwriter, and skilled musician. He lends his vocal talents to the world of music, adding another dimension to his multi-faceted personality.

As of 2023, Innocent has established himself as a respected spiritual figure and trusted minister of the Gospel in the United States, alongside his dedicated wife. He has gained widespread popularity for his vibrant preaching style, marked by charisma and boundless energy. Furthermore, his impeccable fashion sense and distinctive style have solidified his image as a charismatic figure in the religious community.

Innocent shares a close friendship with his spiritual mentor, Passion Java, the visionary founder and head pastor of the Kingdom Embassy, established in 2012. Kingdom Embassy has expanded its reach, with branches in Beltsville, Maryland, Harare, Zimbabwe, Gauteng, South Africa, Cape Town, South Africa, and even Portmore, Jamaica.

In his role as head pastor, Innocent oversees the Houston, Texas, branch, which holds the distinction of being the first branch ever established by the Kingdom Embassy. His leadership and guidance have significantly contributed to the growth and success of this branch.

Additionally, Innocent maintains a strong bond with prophet Lovy Elias, a figure renowned for his distinctive preaching style characterized by unconventional attire. Prophet Lovy Elias has gained international acclaim for his insightful prophecies, further strengthening the spiritual network and influence that Innocent is part of.

Innocent Java Age

Innocent Java celebrates his birthday on April 24 every year. During his birthday in 2023, his wife shared a heartfelt post captioning, “Happy Birthday Daddy. Sorry I stole all the attention this year. Happy 1st anniversary to my 1st love. Your mamii -Zemirah”. Innocent is believed to be around 27 to 35 years old. However, he has not revealed his exact age at the moment.

Innocent Java Height and Appearance

Innocent possesses a commanding presence, standing tall at 6 feet 1 inch. His striking physical attributes include a rich brown complexion and captivating dark brown eyes, contributing to his undeniable attractiveness.

Real NameGamuchirai Innocent Musa
Age27 to 35 years old
Height6 feet 1 inches
HometownHouston, Texas
WifeRuth D. Java
OccupationSpeaker, evangelist, singer and songwriter
Net Worth$10 million

Furthermore, Innocent is known for his impeccable sense of fashion, much like his spiritual mentor, Passion Java. He is frequently seen sporting stylish and luxurious suits that not only accentuate his well-built physique but also reflect his penchant for flashy and elegant attire. His fashion choices underscore his charismatic and influential persona, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter him.

Innocent Java Wife

Innocent Java is happily married to Ruth D. Java, a remarkable minister with a global footprint. Ruth’s ministry has taken her to ten different countries and an impressive twenty-four cities and states, spreading her message of faith and inspiration.

Ruth’s journey began in Ethiopia, where she was born, but at the age of five, she moved to the United States of America. Her upbringing in both cultures has enriched her perspective and ministry, making her a dynamic international music minister.

Together, Innocent and Ruth form an inspirational power couple in the worlds of ministry and music. Their shared mission is to glorify the name of Jesus and leave a lasting legacy for future generations. They are affectionately known as “the Gaffas,” a term that embodies their legendary status in their respective fields.

Celebrating four years of marital bliss, Innocent and Ruth marked their anniversary on February 2, 2023. Their love blossomed, and they entered parenthood with the birth of their beautiful daughter, Zemirah. Their family bond is evident in the way they constantly express their affection for one another on their respective social media platforms, showing the world their deep and enduring love.

Innocent Java Net Worth

Innocent Java has an estimated net worth of around $10 million as of 2023. He earns most of his revenue from his ministry work as well as his musical endeavors. In addition, he also offers 1on1 talk services, which he charges handsomely for. Also, he runs a prophetic school at his church, which earns him a lot of revenue. A lover of the flashy life, Innocent does not shy away from getting himself the good things in life. He dresses very fashionably, and his suits always exude an air of wealth and opulence. He follows in the footsteps of other opulent evangelists, such as Lovy Elias, Jonathan Ferguson, and Prophet Glovis.

Frequently Asked Questions About Innocent

Where is Innocent Java from?

Innocent hails from Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. He was born and raised in Zimbabwe, and he moved to the USA for ministry.

Where is Innocent Java’s church located?

Innocent’s church is located in Houston, Texas.

How old is Innocent Java?

Innocent is believed to be around 27 to 35 years old as of 2023. He celebrates his birthday on April 24 every year.

Is Innocent Java married?

Yes, Innocent is married to his wife, Ruth D. Java. The lovely duo has a daughter named Zemirah.

What is Innocent Java’s real name?

Innocent’s real name is Gamuchirai Innocent Musa.

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