Jerry Flowers

Jerry Flowers (Pastor) Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife and Net Worth

Jerry Flowers Biography

Pastor Jerry Flowers is a very famous American evangelist known for being the co-founder of Redefined TV and the lead pastor of Time of Celebration Ministries Church which is based in Houston, Texas. He is known for his charismatic and energetic sermons which always have his congregants on the edge of their seats as they await his profound statements. In this detailed biographical account, we take a look at everything there is to know about Pastor Flowers so make sure you stick around to the end of the article.

Jerry Flowers Ministry and Church

Jerry currently serves as the lead pastor of Time of Celebration Church which is based in Houston Texas. In addition, Jerry and his wife are the creators and founders of Redefined TV which focuses on redefining relationships righteously.

Together with his wife, Jerry serves as a generational trendsetter in terms of religion and culture and is currently very influential in the realm of marital topics. They are dedicated to allowing their marriage to be a stage for which people can see the power of Christ.

As a result of his revolutionary ministry work, Jerry has become widely popular on social media and YouTube. He currently has over 359,000 followers on Instagram and over 333,000 subscribers on their Redefined TV channel. Their Channel, Redefined TV has amassed over 32 million views in total which goes to show just how popular the channel has become. You might also like the biography of a similar pastor named Jonathan Ferguson.

Jerry Flowers Age

Born on August 15, 1990, Jerry Flowers is 33 years old. Despite being relatively young in ministry, Jerry has managed to make a large impact all over the world through his ministry and is gaining popularity every day.

Jerry Flowers Height and Appearance

Jerry stands at an estimated height of 5 feet 10 inches tall as of 2023. In addition to his impressive height, Jerry also has a very fair dark skin complexion and a well-built physique. In addition, he also has short black hair and brown eyes.

Full Name
Jerry Flowers
33 years old
Birth year
Home town
Houston, Texas
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Pastor and influencer
Tanisha Flowers
Net Worth$6 million

Jerry Flowers Wife

Pastor Jerry Flowers is happily married to his lovely wife, Tanisha Flowers. Jerry and his lovely wife co-founded Redefined TV which they also run together. The lovely duo believe in Christ-centered marriages and lead the line of biblical relationships which they portray on their social media accounts.

Pastor Jerry with his wife

This influential couple, known for setting generational trends, has authored numerous online devotionals and is the visionaries behind Wife Academy and The Return Of Kings For Men. Their content has garnered millions of views across various social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, coupled with successful cross-country tours. Their dedication lies in using their marriage and ministry as a means to showcase Christ, aiming to create a positive impact.

Residing in Houston, Texas, the Flowers family serves as pastors at Time of Celebration Ministries Church. They take pride in being the loving parents of three wonderful children – Melody, Jerry III, and Josiah.

Jerry Flowers Net Worth

Pastor Jerry currently enjoys an estimated net worth of around $6 million. He is especially flashy in his dressing and the way conducts himself. Many times, you will find Jerry and his wife dressed in some of the most stylish and elegant clothes. He is usually adorned in the latest trends and is never shy of showing off his remarkable wealth.

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