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Kali Fontanilla (Teacher) Biography, Age, Husband and Net Worth

Kali Fontanilla Biography

Kali Fontanilla is a famous American teacher known for being the founder of Exodus Insitute. She currently works as a teacher, entrepreneur, and commentator. She previously worked as a public high school teacher for 15 years before leaving due to reasons we will highlight in detail in this article.

Kali Fontanilla Wikipedia

Empowering Education: Kali Fontanilla’s Journey as CRC’s Senior Fellow

Meet Kali Fontanilla, a seasoned educator with a remarkable journey that transcends traditional teaching boundaries. Serving as CRC’s Senior Fellow, Kali directs her expertise towards the intricate landscape of K-12 public education, drawing from an extensive 15-year career that spans both public and Christian schools. Her passion for shaping young minds has taken her through the nuanced terrain of teaching multiple subjects and grade levels.

A Stand Against Bias: Kali’s Impactful Rebuttal to Prop 16

Kali’s pivotal role in the political arena became evident with her impactful rebuttal statement against Prop 16 in California in 2020. This courageous stand played a crucial role in thwarting the momentum behind the controversial proposition, which aimed to introduce what some critics termed as “legal reverse racism” and an extreme version of “affirmative action.” Her advocacy for a fair and unbiased approach to education garnered attention and made a tangible impact on the socio-political landscape.

Dismantling Critical Race Theory: Kali’s Contribution to BLEXIT Foundation

Not limiting herself to verbal opposition, Kali actively contributed to dismantling the dangers of Critical Race Theory. Her 25-page guide for Candace Owens’ BLEXIT Foundation stands as a comprehensive resource, exposing the potential pitfalls of this contentious theory.

Tech Meets Tradition: The Exodus Institute’s Vision for Education

Stepping beyond the traditional classroom setting, Kali embarked on a transformative journey by founding the Exodus Institute. This fully accredited K-12 grade online school is a testament to her commitment to redefining education in the 21st century. By seamlessly integrating technology with traditional values, Kali envisions a future where education is not confined by physical walls but is a dynamic, accessible experience for all.

National Recognition: Kali’s Influence in Media and Politics

Kali’s impact extends far beyond the educational realm, as she has been featured in national newspapers such as the Epoch Times, Associated Press, and the Boston Globe. Her guest appearances on prominent platforms like the Ingraham Angle, NewsMax, and the Dennis Prager Show showcase her influence in both educational and political spheres.

Bold Departure: Kali’s Resignation and Relocation in Protest

However, Kali’s journey took an unexpected turn when she decided to leave her teaching position at Rancho San Juan High School in the Salinas Valley, California. Her public denouncement of what she perceived as “leftist indoctrination” in California classrooms through ethnic studies programs led to her resignation and relocation to Florida. Having dedicated 15 years to California’s education system, Kali’s departure marked a bold stance against critical race theory and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Kali Fontanilla Net Worth

Kali currently has an estimated net worth of around $1 million as of 2024. She owes her wealth mainly to her career as a teacher and also her current content-creation endeavors. She has also become very popular on social media and currently has over 267,000 followers on Instagram. In addition, she has a very successful YouTube channel which has over 241,000 subscribers and generates a significant amount of revenue.

Kali Fontanilla Age

Kali is 42 years old as of 2024. She revealed her age to The Epoch Times back in July 2021. She has over 15 years of experience as a teacher and knows all the ins and outs of the vocation.

Kali Fontanilla Husband

Kali is married to her loving and supportive husband, Joshua Fontanilla. The lovely duo usually make content together and support each other in many ways. Josh is an educator, author, and artist CEO of Exodus Institute, an institute that Kali and Josh founded together.

Kali with her husband Josh

Kali Fontanilla Physical Appearance

Kali’s incredible curly brown hair perfectly complements her light brown skin complexion, highlighting her natural beauty. She exudes a sense of simplicity and elegance in her dress, reflecting her appreciation for and emphasis on natural beauty. She has a slim and moderately curvy physique. Also, Kali is biracial, a feature that adds to her allure as she often has people asking which ethnicity she is.

Full NameKali Fontanilla
Age42 years old
Home CountryUnited States
Height5 feet 9 inches
OccupationTeacher, Entrepreneur and commentator
HusbandJoshua Fontanilla
Net Worth$1 million

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