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Lil Yawh Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Gender and Net Worth

Lil Yawh Biography

Lil Yawh is an American singer and songwriter best known for his funny lyrics and early 2000s aesthetic style. He is also popular for his hit song, Sun Down, I’m Up, whose sped-up and pitched version has over 56 million streams on Spotify as of September 2023. In this article, we take a look at what Yawh is all about. From his age to his net worth, we have it all.

Lil Yawh Wikipedia

Lil Yawh’s music is a fascinating blend of late 2000s synthesizers coupled with infectious rhythms reminiscent of late 80s pop. His sound is truly distinctive, characterized by a seamless integration of auto-tune that perfectly syncs with the beat he raps over. His style, often described as “white boy swag,” adds a unique and edgy dimension to his personality and music, creating a signature sound that resonates deeply with his audience.

Although Lil Yawh began his musical journey in 2014, it wasn’t until early 2016 that he fully committed to honing his craft. Initially known as Capt. Dozzie among his friends, was a serendipitous text message that led to the birth of his moniker. A friend texted him, “YAWH YAWH, THAT NEW SONG CRAZY,” and the word “YAWH” struck a chord with him, becoming his chosen identity ever since.

Notably, Lil Yawh enjoys strong support from his parents, with his mother even being a fan of his music. He maintains a close bond with his parents, cherishing their unwavering love and connection. When asked about his motivation for creating music, Lil Yawh’s response is simple yet heartwarming: he wants to make people feel like they are the life of the party. His music resonates with the positive vibes of real, confident individuals, both boys and girls, who want to embrace their inner “cuteness” and enjoy the moment to the fullest.

Lil Yawh Age

Lil Yawh is 23 years old as of 2023. He was born in 2000 in San Diego, California. Despite his young age, Yawh has managed to build quite a reputation in the music industry and it remains evident that he is bound for greatness.

Lil Yawh Height and Appearance

Lil Yawh stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall. He has a very unique look with a skinny body and an unconventional dress code. He loves to wear aesthetic things that incorporate aspects of early 2000s fashion. In addition, he appears to love the color pink and has many of his clothes and music art themed with the color. He dresses very unconventionally and sometimes even makes his blonde hair into a long, straightened hairdo.

Stage NamesPretty Boy Yawh, Lil Pasty, Tiny Pants Town Mayor, Capt Dozzie
Age23 years old
Height5 feet 8 inches
HometownSan Diego
GenreHip-hop, R&B, pop-style piano, neo-soul
Net Worth$2 million

At other times, Yawh makes out his hair to look like an elf, and it is evident he loves to experiment with different kinds of outfits and hairstyles. It is good to note that many of his clothes often portray a sort of girliness, which Lil Yawh embraces proudly. His new fans often confuse him for a girl at first glance, but he continually reaffirms that he is indeed male. He has been likened to Lumi Athena, who dresses in the same manner.


Since stepping onto the music scene in 2016, Lil Yawh has been a prolific artist, consistently delivering a plethora of tracks that find their home on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Within his musical journey, he’s unfurled two full-length albums: “Cryyawh,” unveiled in 2018, and “Kanpai (Cheers!),” gracing listeners’ ears in 2020.

Among his impressive discography, Lil Yawh has unveiled a roster of standout songs that have garnered significant recognition. These include tracks like “Wat I Wan!,” “ignite me,” “Ez Bake!,” “she kno,” “i can’t go outside,” “That’s That,” “Slow Down,” “My Shirt,” “2001,” “Pink,” “JFK 2 LAX,” and “Vivienne,” each contributing to his growing musical legacy.

Lil Yawh’s reach is substantial, boasting a remarkable monthly listener count exceeding 2 million on Spotify alone, showcasing the widespread appeal of his music. Additionally, his dedicated fan base is evident, with over 27,000 followers on the platform. Notably, a significant portion of his fan base hails from vibrant music hubs such as Los Angeles, Houston, Santiago, Chicago, and Dallas, reflecting the diverse appeal of his music across various regions.

Lil Yawh Net Worth

As of 2023, Lil Yawh has an estimated net worth of around $2 million. He owes this impressive figure to his successful musical journey. His funds come largely from his streaming proceeds as well as the shows in which he performs. With over 2 million listeners each month, it is safe to say that Yawh is reaping the fruits of his labor. He spends his hard-earned cash on various aesthetics, such as unique outfits and jewelry, which he shows off on his Instagram.

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