L.O.E. Shimmy

LOE Shimmy Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth and Discography

LOE Shimmy Biography

Ernst Jean Jacques, professionally known as LOE Shimmy, is an American songwriter and rapper currently on the rise due to his several rap hits. He is associated with Luh Tyler and has been featured on the 6th track of his debut album “My Vision”.

LOE Shimmy Wikipedia

From a young age, Shimmy has always wanted to be a recognized rapper. He has since fulfilled his dream and is now coming up in the rap scene and is bound to make his mainstream appearance in the coming days. Since his debut in the rap scene, he has released two EPs namely Zombie Land and World War Z.

Over the years, he has released several songs and has posted them on YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud as well as Apple Music. The Florida-based artist has since made the airwaves and has become popular also in California. His fame is bound to grow in the coming days as a result of his catchy voice and bumpy beats.

L.O.E. Shimmy Photo
L.O.E. Shimmy Photo

He has a unique style that embodies melodic rap coupled with grimy and explicit lyrics. His adlibs are another one of his greatest strengths as they add a sort of identity to his music which is characterized by a unique raspy voice.

LOE currently has over 22,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel where he regularly posts his new music. His first release, “Curbside” which he released two years ago, currently has over 79,000 views. He has since released over 35 tracks. His most popular release, “Bounty” which features Kodak Black, has over 1 million views and has seen him gain even more recognition from across the USA.

L.O.E. Shimmy on set
Shimmy on set

He released his latest song Maybach Curtains two weeks ago and it has been seeing impressive numbers as it currently has over 140,000 views on Youtube. The Florida-based rapper currently has close to 90,000 monthly Spotify listeners.

LOE Shimmy Age

Judging by the time he has been active musically, Shimmy is estimated to be in his mid to late twenties. However, we are working to establish his exact age and will update this article as soon as anything pops up.

LOE Shimmy Height and Attributes

Shimmy stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall as of 2023. He often rocks cornrows as his preferred hairstyle and has several tattoos visible on his body. His fashionable dress code is one of his key attributes as he always keeps up with the latest trends and jewelry designs.

LOE Shimmy Net Worth

LOE has a net worth of around $3 million which he has amassed from his many years of releasing music as well as his YouTube channel proceeds. His Net Worth is bound to rise even more in the coming years as he is very active in releasing music and is showing no signs of slowing down.

LOE Shimmy Discography

Below is a list of all the songs Shimmy has released to date;

Song Title
ManiacZ end2022
Not LitShallowside Baby2022
Way UpZuper PowerZ2021
IntroZuper PowerZ2021
XD9World WAR Z2020
SlideZuper PowerZ2021
how im rollinZuper PowerZ2021
Z endZ end2022
PlotZ end2022
Wake Em UpSingle2022
shimmy vs shimZuper PowerZ2021
Zuper ZtarZuper PowerZ2021
shimmy vs shimmy 2Z end2022
BrokenZ end2022
ForeverLove Golden 22023
RelapseZombie Land2020
more choppazZuper PowerZ2021
No idSingle2021
inner gSingle2020
TNTZombie Land2022
Tina Z end2022
Switching FlowzStreets on Fire2022
No RushSingle2022
ain’t even knowZuper PowerZ2021
don’t understandZ end2022
Never going backSingle2022
Yoda YaeZuper PowerZ2021

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