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MAF Teeski (Rapper) Biography, Age, Girlfriend and Net Worth

MAF Teeski Biography

MAF Teeski is a talented up-and-coming rapper hailing from Chicago, Illinois. He is best known for his hit songs, ‘Yea Yea’, and ‘Pursuit’. He is currently taking the American rap scene by storm as the new kid on the block alongside the likes of Tay Savage who is currently one of the most sought-after rappers out of Chicago. In this article, we will discuss everything there is to know about the talented Illinois prodigy.

MAF Teeski Wikipedia

In 2018, MAF burst onto the music scene with a raw and unhinged style that immediately grabbed attention. His passion for music and rap ignited at a young age, fueled by admiration for Chicago rap legends like Chief Keef, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Durk, Kanye West, and King Louie. Drawing inspiration from the tough, gangster background of his hood, MAF’s music delves into the intricacies of his upbringing and life in the gritty Chicago trenches.


Embracing a gangster persona, MAF fearlessly delivers raw and explicit lyrics that vividly portray the chaos and intensity of life in the ‘hood’. His voice bears a resemblance to that of Detroit rapper 42 Dugg, giving his bars an electrifying edge. Yet, what sets MAF apart is his unique and captivating style, refreshing amidst the sea of copycats dominating the industry.

Watch Yea Yea on YouTube
Watch Yea Yea on YouTube

Despite his growing fame, MAF remains firmly connected to his roots, staying close to his hood and spending time with his friends. In his video shoots, you’ll find his loyal pals always standing by, supporting him every step of the way. It’s a testament to the authenticity of MAF’s artistry, as he never forgets the people who’ve been with him from the start.

MAF wholeheartedly embraces the quintessential Chicago rapper lifestyle: flashy cars, loads of jewelry, and an undeniable fashion sense. But beyond the glitz, his music speaks truth to the struggles and triumphs of the ‘hood’, resonating with fans who relate to his catchy and relatable lyrics.

MAF Teeski Age

As of 2023, MAF is a young talent, aged between 19 to 25 years old, with a promising future ahead. Every 1st of June, he celebrates his birthday, marking another year of growth and accomplishments. Despite his rising fame and success, MAF remains grounded and connected to his roots, constantly drawing inspiration from his tough upbringing in the Chicago trenches.

MAF Teeski Height and Appearance

Teeski stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall as of 2023. He has dark short dreads which are always tight and well-kept. He has several tattoos all over his body. In addition, MAF has brown eyes and a very fit physique. He appears to work out regularly.

Full NameMAF Teeski
Age 19 to 25 years old
BirthdayJune 1
Height5 feet 9 inches
Known forRapper, Songwriter
Net Worth$800,000

MAF Teeski Girlfriend

When it comes to his love life, Teeski is very secretive and does not put out everything on his Instagram. However, he recently shared a video of his baby boy that seemed to have caught his fans and friends by surprise as many of them did not know he had a child. Nonetheless, it remains unclear whether or not he is in a relationship with his mystery baby mama or not.

Where Is MAF Teeski From?

Teeski hails from the rugged and challenging streets of Chicago, Illinois. His roots run deep in the heart of the city, as he was both born and raised in the notorious 99th St, also known as RICOBLOCK. Growing up amidst the struggles and adversities of the neighborhood, Teeski found solace and inspiration in music and rap.

MAF Teeski Discography

He has released several tracks some of which have made it even to the mainstream. He is a very talented writer and does not slack off when it comes to recording music. Despite being in and out of prison a few times, he has managed to maintain a constant flow of releasing bangers. Among some of the tracks he has released include; Get Back, Bali, Cater 2 Slick, Pursuit, Yea Yea, Act Bad, I Like It, Back 2 Back, Hunt You Down, Blick Out, and his most recent track as of July 29, 2023, ‘Catch A B’.

With each new track, MAF solidifies his position as a formidable force in the rap world. His rise to stardom seems inevitable, and he’s prepared to leave an indelible mark. Through his music, MAF offers an unfiltered glimpse into the realities faced by many in his community, giving them a voice that’s heard far beyond the city limits.

As the days unfold, MAF’s star continues to ascend, and the world eagerly awaits what he’ll bring next. His unapologetic approach to rap, coupled with his genuine connection to his roots, makes him a rising icon worth reckoning with. MAF, the Chicago rap sensation, is here to stay, and there’s no telling where his journey will take him. One thing is certain: he’s leaving an unforgettable impact on the industry, and it’s only the beginning.

MAF Teeski Net Worth

As of July 2023, Teeski has an estimated net worth of around $800,000. He owes this impressive figure to his successful music career and stage performances which garner him not only fans but lots of income. He shows off his wealth on his Instagram where he flaunts large stacks of cash, luxury cars, and expensive jewelry which is just a glimpse of what is on the way for him. His wealth is bound to increase in the coming days as he has amassed a sort of cult-like fanbase who are always eager to hear his next banger.

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