Martha Graeff

Martha Graeff (Rony Seikaly Wife) Biography, Age and Net Worth

Martha Graeff Biography

Martha Graeff is a Brazilian-American social entrepreneur and the wife of former Lebanese-American basketball center, Rony Seikaly. Graeff is the founder of both Happy Aging, an initiative formed to inspire its clients to age gracefully and live life to the fullest, and The Bazaar For Good, which is an initiative that helps communities in need by using the power of social media.

Martha Graeff Wikipedia

You might know Martha mainly for her association with former basketball center and husband Rony Seikaly, but she is much more than many people know. Martha is a visionary and innovative person with a heart for charity and philanthropy. She is the founder and CEO of two organizations that work to help and improve the living conditions of people in need and inspire people advancing in years to live a more pleasant and fulfilled life.

The Bazaar For Good

Founded in 2018 by Martha Graeff and Danie Gomez-Ortigoza, The Bazaar For Good represents a diverse community of women hailing from various countries and backgrounds, all united by a common mission: to generate funds for the betterment of children worldwide. Comprising over 30 women with a robust presence on social media platforms, The Bazaar For Good is dedicated to using its collective voice to raise awareness about pressing societal issues, particularly those affecting disadvantaged children.

Annually, The Bazaar For Good allocates 100% of the funds it raises to instigate tangible improvements in the lives of children across different nations, with a specific focus on bolstering education, healthcare, and equality. This community-driven initiative serves as a unifying force, rallying people together to channel their efforts toward philanthropic causes. The overarching vision of The Bazaar For Good involves harnessing the power of technology as a force for good, aiming to positively impact society by enhancing children’s access to education and healthcare.

Comprising a network of women who span the spectrum from philanthropists and influencers to artists, entrepreneurs, models, and mothers, The Bazaar For Good is a global collaboration of individuals who join hands with a shared goal of making a meaningful difference in the world.

Happy Aging

On the other hand, Happy Aging is an initiative designed to help people embrace their journey of life and celebrate every stage of it. They encourage people to view age as just a number. The initiative believes in rewriting the rules of beauty by inspiring its clients to let go of society’s expectations and embrace each individual’s uniqueness. They emphasize that beauty knows no bounds and celebrate the diversity of every individual. The group’s main aim is to spread positivity, love, and joy by inspiring others to feel confident and empowered at every age.

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Martha Graeff Age

Martha is 38 years old as of 2023. Graeff, who seems to be aging quite gracefully, is the embodiment of aging like fine wine. She is often mistaken for being quite younger than she has revealed, and many often ask her the secret to her beauty and youthful look, even past her mid-thirties.

Martha Graeff Height and Appearance

Martha stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches as of 2023. In addition, she has gorgeous long blonde hair and gray eyes. She also has a supermodel-like physique with a slender stature complemented by beautiful long legs, a flat tummy, and a skin tone to die for.

Full NameMartha Graeff Seikaly
Age38 years old
Height5 feet 7 inches
BirthdayAugust 24
HusbandRony Seikaly
Net Worth$5 million

Martha Graeff Husband

Martha Graeff is married to Rony Seikaly, a former basketball star who currently lives out his retirement as a DJ. Despite many rumors indicating that the two have broken up, we can certainly confirm that they are still very much together and happy. Martha and her husband have been married for 12 years. The celebrity duo celebrated their 12-year anniversary on July 14, 2023. Both parties shared heartfelt messages to each other on their respective social media pages. The lovely duo has two amazing daughters. Their elder daughter, Mila (not Martha’s biological daughter), is an upcoming model and social media influencer with over 30,000 followers on Instagram.

Martha Graeff Wedding

Graeff and her husband Rony got married in 2011 in a beautiful ceremony that they commemorate every year. Their anniversaries are usually characterized by expensive treats and dates and an air of pure adoration for each other. The lovely duo only seems to be growing day by day, and it is evident that they have decided to spend an eternity together.

Martha Graeff Net Worth

Sharing a net worth with her husband, Rony, Martha has an estimated net worth of around $5 million. Martha also earns a lot of her wealth from different investments as well as her company, Happy Aging. Due to her beauty and her large social media presence, she is often approached by various brands for collaborations, which she is in turn paid very handsomely for.

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