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Who Is Matt Sorger?

Matt Sorger is an American prophetic voice, evangelist, and author who is best known for his prophetic and healing ministry, Matt Sorger Ministries. In addition, he is also the co-founder of Rescue1 and the president of Empowered Life Resources. Matt studied psychology at Stony Brook University and earned his bachelor’s degree in biblical studies at Zion Bible College. He is renowned among the Charismatic fold of Christians and continues to do ministry work with the help of his wife and peers.

Matt Sorger Wikipedia

At the age of fourteen, Matt Sorger experienced a profound transformation when he witnessed his mother’s miraculous healing, which led to his own salvation. This pivotal moment ignited his passion for ministry, driving him to spend countless hours in prayer. Surprisingly, Matt initially pursued a degree in medicine before answering his calling to full-time ministry. He later earned a degree in Biblical Studies with the highest honors, and during his time at Bible School, he held the prestigious role of class president for four years.

Upon completing his studies, Matt entered the world of ministry alongside Lou Engle of The Call, where he organized and hosted various regional gatherings. Following what he describes as a divine encounter with God, Matt’s ministry expanded internationally, focusing on prophecy and healing. Through the magnificent power of the Holy Spirit, he has witnessed the transformation of thousands who have been saved, healed, and delivered.

Ministerial Works

Matt’s influence reaches far and wide, spanning over 35 nations through his personal ministry efforts and more than 200 nations through television and media appearances, including shows on Daystar, TBN, and Sid Roth’s “It’s Supernatural,” among others. Matt serves as a commissioned prophet under “HIM” and is a respected member of the Apostolic Council of Prophetic Elders alongside Cindy Jacobs, James Goll, and Bill Hamon. He also hosts the weekly “Glory Living” podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network.

Beyond his ministry, Matt and his wife, Stephanie, lead the noble initiative known as Rescue1, dedicated to liberating children from trafficking worldwide, with a vision to free at least 1,500 children.

Matt’s impact extends to the digital realm, where he has garnered significant popularity on social media and YouTube. As of October 2023, his self-titled YouTube channel boasts over 17,000 subscribers and more than 2.4 million views. On Instagram, he maintains a dedicated following of over 15,000, where he shares insights into his ministry work, personal life, and congregation.

Matt Sorger Age

Minister Sorger is 50 years old as of 2023. He was born in 1973, and he celebrates his birthday on July 9 every year. He shared a heartfelt video on his most recent birthday, informing his followers and congregants that he would be away for a while with his wife. In the video, he also thanked God for how far he has brought him and for everyone who offers him support.

Matt Sorger Height and Appearance

Matt stands at a height of 6 feet as of 2023. In addition, he has blonde hair, which is quite notable, and light brown eyes. Also, he keeps his physique fit and appears to work out from time to time. He shared a photo showing how much he had transformed his body over a span of two years and revealed he had never felt better. He loves to keep his face clean and has minimal facial hair.

Full NameMatt Sorger
Age50 years old
BirthdayJuly 9
Hair ColorBlonde
Height 6 feet
OccupationOrdained minister, prophetic voice, and Author
WifeStephanie Sorger
Net Worth$6 million

However, this does not go without reason. In an Instagram post he shared on April 14, 2022, Matt revealed that years ago, his endocrine system crashed, which caused his hormones to go haywire, leaving him with huge acne scars and also a sense of depression, which God helped him overcome. However, he shared some good news in the same post and revealed that his hormones have rebalanced and the depression he suffered has totally disappeared.

Matt Sorger Ministries

Matt Sorger is known for his work at conferences and church gatherings worldwide. Having shared his message in over 35 countries, he’s witnessed numerous individuals experiencing salvation, healing, and liberation through the power of God. Matt delivers his teachings with a strong connection to the Holy Spirit, often resulting in life-altering encounters with the divine. Additionally, he’s been the host of a TV program titled “Power for Life” and authored a book published by Charisma House called “Power for Life: Keys to a Life Marked by the Presence of God.”

Matt Sorger Wife

Sorger is married to his loving wife and fellow minister, Stephanie. The beautiful couple has two sons and currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina. Together with his wife, Matt continues to use his sacred bond of marriage to encourage others to settle down and have biblically-led relationships. They have been married for nine years.

Matt Sorger Net Worth

As of 2023, Matt currently has an estimated net worth of around $6 million. He lives a comfortable life with his wife and kids in Charlotte. He also uses his wealth to fund his ministry and to keep his productions top-notch with regard to his YouTube channel, which is growing more and more each day.

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