Maureen Bannon

Maureen Bannon Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband, and Net Worth

Maureen Bannon Biography

Maureen Bannon is a renowned American political influencer, entrepreneur, and U.S. Army Veteran known for being the daughter of Steve Bannon. She currently serves as the CEO of Bannon’s WarRoom and also served as the transportation and allocation planner at Lumber Liquidators based in the Greater Richmond Region.

Maureen Bannon Wikipedia

Maureen Bannon’s professional journey embodies a trajectory marked by strategic leadership and operational excellence. Commencing as a Company Commander for Whiskey Company, 244th Quartermaster Battalion, she honed her skills in command and logistics management. Her tenure there was characterized by meticulous planning and adept execution, setting a precedent for her subsequent roles.

Transitioning to the role of Director of Operations for Volleyball and Sprint Football at the United States Military Academy at West Point, Maureen showcased her versatility by orchestrating the logistical intricacies of collegiate sports. Her tenure was instrumental in fostering efficient coordination and ensuring seamless event execution.

Elevating her career further, Maureen assumed the position of Transportation Planner/Allocation Planner at Lumber Liquidators, where she navigated the complexities of supply chain management with finesse. Her strategic acumen and attention to detail were pivotal in optimizing transportation logistics and resource allocation, contributing significantly to the company’s operational efficiency.

In her current capacity as Chief Executive Officer, Maureen’s visionary leadership has propelled the organization to new heights of success. Operating with a blend of foresight and decisiveness, she navigates the ever-evolving business landscape with confidence, driving growth and fostering a culture of innovation.

Maureen Bannon Age

Born in 1988 to Steven Bannon (Father) and Cathleen Houff (Mother), Maureen Bannon is currently 36 years old. She was born and raised in the United States and is a very proud patriot of the USA.

Maureen Bannon Height and Appearance

Being an army veteran, Maureen has a well-built physique and is a very beautiful lady. She possesses a voluptuous body which she pairs with brown hair and striking brown eyes. She usually hits the gym and is never shy to post videos of herself lifting weights in the gym.

Full NameMaureen Bannon
Age36 years old
FatherStephen Kevin Bannon
MotherCathleen Suzanne Houff
OccupationEntrepreneur and WarRoom CEO
HusbandNot married
Net Worth$3 million

Maureen Bannon Husband

Despite being quite popular and extremely renowned within the realm of politics, Maureen has managed to keep her love life under the radar. Judging by the fact that she still uses her father’s surname, it is safe to assume that Maureen is not yet married. She has also not shared any information that would suggest she is in a relationship at the moment. However, we are currently researching the matter and will update this segment as soon as any information pops up.

Maureen Bannon Net Worth

As of 2024, Maureen Bannon has an estimated net worth of around $3 million. She owes this impressive figure to her extensive career which has seen her serve in the United States Army, as a company commander at Whiskey Company, 244th Quartermaster Battalion, and as a transportation and allocation planner at Lumber Liquidators.

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