OTF Boonie Moe

OTF Boonie Moe Biography, Wiki, Age, Baby Mama and Net Worth

OTF Boonie Moe Biography

OTF Boonie Moe is an American rapper and songwriter best known for his hit singles ‘We Did It’, featuring the now deceased King Von, and ‘For Real’, which are both considered hood classics in Chicago and its neighboring environs. Boonie hails from Lamron/300 and is a part of the hip-hop group Only The Family, which was started by rap superstar Lil Durk back in 2010. In this article, we take a look at what Boonie Moe is all about. From his thought-provoking, raw, and rugged lyrics to his intricate personal details, read through to the end to find out everything you need to know about the Chicago rapper.

OTF Boonie Moe Wikipedia

Boonie Moe’s triumphant resurgence on the Chicago drill scene is like a firework lighting up the night sky. Locked away for what felt like an eternity, he burst back into the spotlight, dropping one sonic bomb after another that left fans and foes alike in awe. The year’s 2023, and this rap phoenix is soaring higher than ever before, riding the blazing trail to superstardom, all with his OTF squad right by his side, as tight-knit as family ties get.

Boonie Moe’s romance with music began when he was knee-high to a beatbox. Growing up surrounded by musical prodigies like Lil Durk, King Von, and OTF Dede, it was almost inevitable that he’d get caught up in the rhythm of things. These cats were always conjuring musical spells, cooking up tunes that hit harder than a freight train.

While his rhymes might flow from his own pen, Boonie Moe’s playlist of influences is stacked like a deck of cards. He’s molded by the greats that came before him, taking cues from legends who’ve paved the way. But here’s the twist: amidst all the rap icons, a surprising star shines. Jennifer Lopez, the pop diva, holds a special spot in his heart, revealing a soft spot for melodies that transcend genre boundaries.

OTF Affiliations

However, the heart and soul of his journey lie in his brotherhood with Lil Durk. Their connection runs deeper than rhyme schemes; it’s a bond forged in the crucible of shared dreams and struggles. Brothers from another mother, they’ve navigated the hustle hand in hand, lifting each other up when the beat drops low.

And hey, speaking of beats, Boonie Moe’s verse is etched into Lil Durk’s epic saga, “Lil Durk Presents: Loyal Bros 2,” a hip-hop odyssey that clocks in at a mind-bending 23 tracks. This joint is a symphony of the entire OTF family, a sonic mural painting their trials and triumphs with verses that hit like street poetry.

OTF Boonie Moe Age

OTF Boonie Moe is currently around 30 to 35 years old as of 2023. Despite the passage of time, his music maintains a timeless allure, blending gritty authenticity with irresistible catchiness that strikes a chord across generations. On January 5th each year, he owns the spotlight, celebrating his birthday and the beats that bind us all.

OTF Boonie Moe Height and Appearance

OTF Boonie Moe stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches as of 2023. He has very long dreadlocks, brown eyes, and a fit physique. He works out often, lifting weights and doing other workouts. In addition, he has several tattoos all over his body, which bring out his gangster aura.

Stage NameOTF Boonie Moe
AffiliationsOnly The Family (OTF)
Age30 to 35 years old
BirthdayJanuary 5
Height5 feet 9 inches
GenreChicago drill
Net Worth$2 million

OTF Boonie Moe Baby Mama

Despite not having shared information regarding his relationships and baby mama, OTF Boonie has a lovely daughter named Lay, whom he adores and values above everything. He often posts about his daughter on his Instagram page and showers her with love. His favorite phrase to use whenever she posts about her daughter, “Who better than you to teach me how to treat a woman”, shows just how adoring he is of her baby girl.

OTF Boonie Moe Discography

Despite only starting to release music commercially in 2020, Boonie Moe has built quite an impressive resume, earning the title of ‘the next big thing to come out of Chicago’. He is very skilled in writing raw and brutally honest lyrics. His songs feature an air of gangster persona and hood experiences, which he appears to have lived out. His dark lyrics are an embodiment of the harsh reality youth face while growing up in the Chicago trenches, and his music is his way of pouring out his emotions and experiences for the world to see.

Since his release, he has put out several songs, which include; Spin Again, Don’t Move, Where You Trap At, For Real, For Real Pt. 2, High Off Meds, Yeah Yeah, Streets Can Vouch, Where We Posted, For Real, and We Did It. In addition, he currently has quite an impressive listener count on Spotify, with over 37,000 monthly listeners on the platform. He also posts music on several other platforms, including YouTube, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and Deezer.

OTF Boonie Moe Net Worth

OTF Boonie Moe has an estimated net worth of around $2 million as of 2023. He earns a comfortable living from his music, and it is evident that he is pulling in the racks. He shows off his wealth with the several chains he owns, his luxurious house, fancy cars, and designer clothing, which have become his norm. His favorite brands appear to be Nike, Bape, Gucci, Amiri, Celine, and Dior.

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