Pretty Brayah

Pretty Brayah Biography, Age, Height, Songs and Net Worth

Pretty Brayah Biography

Pretty Brayah is an up-and-coming American rapper, singer, and songwriter making waves with her unapologetic confidence and raw authenticity. Hailing from the Eastside of Detroit, she is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. With a unique style that combines catchy hooks, aggressive lines, and storytelling prowess, she captivates audiences and connects with the young masses on a deep level.

Pretty Brayah Wikipedia

From a young age, Brayah was drawn to hip hop, finding inspiration in the sounds of Detroit acts like Team Eastside, Doughboyz Cashout, and Bandgang. Although she initially freestyled for fun, she soon discovered her untapped lyrical gift and realized that she had a powerful voice that needed to be heard.

Watch Pops by Pretty Brayah on YouTube
Watch Pops by Pretty Brayah on YouTube

But life threw its challenges her way. During high school, Brayah faced the adversity of an unexpected pregnancy. Despite facing doubts from family members and naysayers who questioned her future, she refused to let negativity define her. Determined to prove them wrong, she pursued higher education and obtained a bachelor’s degree in public health from Wayne State University. This achievement not only broke the generational curse in her family but also showcased her grit, hustle, and mental fortitude.

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Early Musical Career

Brayah’s passion for music continued to grow over the years, and she began taking her craft more seriously. In 2018, she made a statement with the release of her single “Wassup,” which instantly caught the attention of the Detroit hip-hop scene. The track showcased her sharp flow, clever wordplay, and unfiltered storytelling. With lyrics that address the struggles she faced and the resilience she embodies, Brayah solidified her place as a rising star.

Brayah On the Set of 'I Lied' With Her Friends
Brayah (middle) On the Set of ‘I Lied’ With Her Friends

Building on the momentum, Pretty Brayah has released a series of singles that highlight her genre-bending versatility and undeniable talent. Whether delving into personal trauma or addressing everyday life experiences, her punchline-heavy flows and bass-heavy beats command attention. With each release, she pushes boundaries, leaving a lasting impact on her growing fanbase.

Pretty Brayah Age

Brayah is currently in her early 20s, bringing a fresh and youthful energy to the rap scene. Despite her age, she exudes a level of maturity and confidence in her music that surpasses her years. With a remarkable talent and an unwavering determination, she has quickly established herself as a rising star, captivating audiences with her powerful lyrics and magnetic stage presence. As she continues to grow and evolve as an artist, her age serves as a reminder of the incredible potential and longevity that lies ahead for this young talent.

Pretty Brayah Height and Appearance

Brayah stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches tall. The rising star’s unique style is complemented by her distinctive appearance. Brayah, with her captivating light brown eyes, beautiful long black hair, and curvaceous figure, exudes confidence and beauty. Her biracial heritage, half Puerto Rican and half Black adds another layer to her persona, reflecting the diverse influences that shape her music.

Full NamePretty Brayah
Age20 to 25 years old
BirthdayNot yet shared
Height5 feet 6 inches
OccupationRapper, singer, songwriter
Known forraw lyrics, heartbreak songs,
Net Worth$1 million (estimate)

Pretty Brayah Sexuality

Beyond her musical pursuits, Brayah is unafraid to express her true self. A mother of two, she proudly identifies as a femme and openly embraces her bisexuality, further contributing to her image as an authentic and relatable artist. Her lyrics and performance exude power, strength, and vulnerability, resonating with a diverse audience.

Pretty Brayah Discography

Pretty Brayah’s discography is a testament to her songwriting skills and artistic range. She has crafted a repertoire of tracks that resonate with her audience, including notable songs like “25 Reasons,” “It’s Over,” “Graduate Flow,” “Midwest,” “Tied,” and “Miss Me.” These songs showcase her ability to seamlessly blend introspection, vulnerability, and swagger.

In addition to her singles, Pretty Brayah has released two albums: “Daddy Issues” and “Truth.” These projects provide a deeper look into her artistic vision and further solidify her position as an emerging force in the rap scene. With each release, she pushes boundaries and continues to carve out her own lane.

With over 5600 monthly listeners on Spotify, a growing YouTube channel with over 9,000 subscribers, and a strong presence on Instagram with 126,000 followers and counting, Pretty Brayah is gaining momentum and steadily climbing the ladder of success.

Pretty Brayah Net Worth

Brayah has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023, a testament to her tremendous success and growing popularity in the music industry. Her flourishing career has brought her not only fame but also considerable wealth, allowing her to live a life of opulence and luxury. She embraces her success by indulging in a lavish lifestyle, often seen dressed in designer clothes and accessories.

Her favorite brands include the likes of Gucci, Balenciaga, and other renowned fashion houses. Brayah’s love for high-end fashion is evident in her impeccable style, adding an extra layer of glamour and sophistication to her already captivating persona.

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