Roger Frampton

Roger Frampton Biography, Wiki, Age, Heightm Wife and Net Worth

Roger Frampton Biography

Roger Frampton is a British model, fitness enthusiast, and social media influencer best known for his impressive physique and eye-catching looks. He is signed with some of the most prominent modeling agencies, such as Beatrice (Milan), NY Models, and Select in London. In this article, we take a deep look into his career and life, as well as everything you need to know about the talented and flexible model.

Roger Frampton Wiki

With appearances in several magazines and features in several editorials, it comes as no surprise that Roger comes from a family of models and members who have at one time in history modeled.

Roger started his career in modeling at the age of 19 and was scouted. He ended up going to New York, Milan, and Paris, where he did several runway walks. Frampton afterward studied personal training and earned a diploma, after which he studied functional movement. Afterward, he wrote The Flexible Body, which did very well all around the world of fitness.

He has been featured in prominent magazines such as Arena Homme, GQ, and Instinct, among other notable fashion and beauty magazines. In addition, he has graced several runways for Vivienne Westwood, Emporio Armani, and even Ralph Lauren. Frampton has also featured in advertising campaigns for several fashion brands, such as Thomas Pink and Balenciaga. Roger is popularly known for his impressive flexibility. He often shows off impressive feats of flexibility on his Instagram page, where he features his skills in gymnastics, yoga, and calisthenics.

In addition, Roger has a very well-selling book known as Ted Talk which shows how Roger has managed to transition from fitness to finance and tells people the secrets to making it big in any industry. He currently serves as a TED speaker and mobility coach and has gained a massive following on Instagram. Roger currently has over 468,000 followers on Instagram, where he posts his day-to-day life as well as several fitness and financial insight videos.

Roger Frampton Age

Frampton is 35 years old as of 2023. He was born in 1988 in London, England. He has, however, not revealed his exact birthday yet.

Roger Frampton Height and Appearance

Often considered one of the most ‘beautiful’ men on earth, Roger stands at an impressive height of 6 feet as of 2023. Roger has silky blonde hair and dreamy blue eyes, which only add to his appeal. He has all the essential attributes that make up a supermodel, and it comes as no surprise that he has a to-die-for physique. He adds to his stunning physique a very uncanny flexibility, as he is able to twist and turn his body at unnatural angles that other people would struggle to do.

Full NameRoger Frampton
Age35 years old
Height6 feet
HometownLondon, United Kingdom
OccupationAuthor, fitness coach
BooksThe Flexible Body and Ted Talk
Net Worth$7 million

Roger Frampton Wife

Roger has not revealed whether or not he is married and appears to prefer keeping information about his love life to himself. He has not revealed whether he is in a relationship at the moment or not.

Roger Frampton Net Worth

Roger currently has an estimated net worth of around $7 million as of 2023. Frampton has made up his wealth through a now successful career in fitness and also in the realm of TED talks. He has also authored two books, which have propelled me to even greater heights financially and in terms of recognition. He continues to build up his brand and career, and he is currently regarded as a young multimillionaire in the making.

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