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Roxxy Haze Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Films and Net Worth

Roxxy Haze Biography

Roxxy Haze is a famous actress, comedian, writer, producer, and director best known for her impressive work in Soul in the Sky, Be Kind Rewind, and Life with Roxxy. In addition, she has also performed at several stand-up comedy shows and uses her social media accounts as a platform for sharing her outrageously funny content. In this article, we explore the world of Roxxy and everything there is to know about the multi-faceted superstar, so be sure to stick around to the end.

Roxxy Haze Wikipedia

Carrying a healthy and amusing childishness, Roxxy entertains his fans and always keeps them happy through her content, which she posts on YouTube and social media. In addition, she also does stand-up comedy shows that many of her fans attend. She loves anime films and usually makes jokes about them, as well as posting anime-related content on her social media.

Haze has already set literary hearts ablaze with her poetic masterpiece, “Playing with Fire,” and the anticipation is building for the double literary treat she has in store for us in 2024. But Haze isn’t just confined to the world of words; she’s a radiant presence at comic conventions, dazzling the crowds with her whimsical cosplays and adding a dash of humor and melody to the festivities with her comedy and musical acts.

Roxxy is also a very skilled writer and producer and has been involved in several productions including, Ask Roxxy (2015), Roxxy Shorts (2015), Life with Roxxy (2016), Hangin with Roxxy (2015-2016), Roxxy’s Reviews (2014-2016), Be Kind Rewind (2016), #BedTimeB*tchin (2014-2017), Soul in the Sky (2017) and Sundaze (2021).

On-Screen Career

Roxxy has graced our screens on popular platforms such as All Def, GWB, and OWN, leaving her mark with memorable appearances. She’s not just a lone star, though; Roxxy has been in cahoots with industry heavyweights like Carl Jones, brought her creative flair to Nickelodeon’s development endeavors, and even flexed her comedic muscles as a gag writer for the uproarious Comedy Central production, “Bring Back Laughs.”

And that’s not all; Roxxy is a versatile artist. She’s gifted us with the eclectic nerdcore EP “To You, Football Head,” and there’s more sonic magic on the horizon with her upcoming EP, “Never Knows Best,” set to drop early in 2024. As if her creative endeavors weren’t enough, Roxxy also dons the host’s hat for the engaging gaming show, “Mostly Positive,” over at GWB. And her talents extend to the realm of the written word too, as she’s previously worn the junior editor and writer hat at The Gamer.

Roxxy Haze Age

Originally from Houston, Texas, Roxxy is currently around 25 to 30 years old as of 2023. However, she has not revealed her exact age at the moment and prefers to keep her personal information to herself. Nonetheless, we are researching extensively regarding the matter and will update this segment as soon as any information is available.

Roxxy Haze Height and Appearance

Roxxy loves working out, and it is evidently translating into her body as she continues to shape her body into a model-like physique. She usually posts videos of herself putting in work in the gym with a funny twist. As of 2023, Roxxy stands at a height of 5 feet, 10 inches. Roxxy is very experimental with her hair and dressing code and usually changes her hairstyles on a regular basis. However, she always dresses smartly and prefers to keep her outfits unconventional.

Full NameRoxxy Haze
Age25 to 30 years old
BirthdayNot shared
Hair ColorBlack
Height 5 feet, 10 inches
OccupationComedian, content creator and producer
BoyfriendNot shared
Net Worth$500,000

Roxxy Haze Dating Life

Roxxy has managed to keep her dating life out of the public eye for quite a while now and has not revealed whether she is dating or not. She often jokes about “dating” the famous anime character ‘Satoru Gojo’ from the highly-rated Jujustu Kaisen anime series. We are continuing our research about her dating life and will update this information as soon as anything pops up.

Roxxy Haze Net Worth

As of 2023, Roxxy has an estimated net worth of around $500,000, which she owes to her successful career in production, stand-up comedy, and video content creation. She usually doesn’t flaunt her wealth on social media, but it is clear that she lives very comfortably considering the clothes she wears and the places she visits. In addition, she also sells anime-based merchandise on her Instagram page, which earns her significant revenue.

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