Tania Estrada

Tania Estrada (Comedian) Biography, Age, Husband and Net Worth

Tania Estrada Biography

Tania Estrada is a stunning American comedian, actress, and musician best known for guest hosting Kevin Hart’s Sirius XM LOL Network. In addition, she is the founder of her own production company called Poo Productions. This article will discuss everything you’d want to know about Tania.

Tania Estrada Wiki

From as young as the age of 12, Tania had already started playing instruments. She drew inspiration from musical comedian, “Weird Al” Yankovic. Having learned the accordion as her first instrument, she went on to study several instruments which have proven more of an asset in her rise to fame.

Early in her career, she worked in radio. Her first job came at KDUC 94.3 FM on Lou Pizarro’s Repo Radio Show. Thereafter, she landed a job at KLOS 95.5 FM on the Frazer Smith Show where she worked for 3 years. In addition, she was a guest host on “Quakes House” on Sirius XM’s Kevin Hart LOL Radio. Her eloquence in both English and Spanish, coupled with her natural aura has propelled her even higher in the film industry.

Tania on radio
Tania on radio

Likewise, she has appeared in several films and TV shows and has won several awards for her comic work as well as her acting. Among her awards include the Best Independent Female Comedian Award at the 2019 HAPAwards.

Tania is also the author of numerous comical compositions, including El Dia de la Sancha and Mexican Fruit Stand Man. In the 20-year history of Lucha Vavoom, she has also performed as the main hostess on the stage at the Maya Theater in Los Angeles, before being promoted to Ring Announcer.

Tania Estrada Age

Tania was born and raised in Los Angeles by her loving parents. She celebrates her birthday on the 16th of August. At the moment, it is estimated that Tania is in her 40s.

Tania Estrada Height and Attributes

Estrada stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches tall as of 2023. She has very beautiful brown eyes coupled with long brown hair.

Tania Estrada Family

Both of Tania’s parents are from Colombia. Her mother is Chinese-Colombian whereas her father is Black-Colombian. Regarding her parent’s background, they escaped the violence of the FARC who terrorized Columbia in the 1960s.

Tania Estrada Net Worth

Tania has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023. She has amassed this impressive fortune from her years of stand-up comedy, radio, and acting. She also earns her income from her own production company Poo Productions.

Tania Estrada Movies and TV Shows

Below we have listed a couple of the movies and TV shows that Tania has appeared in;

The Real Housewives of ComptonMota2012
Natasha Mail Order Bride Escape to AmericaSvetlana2012
Scent of EvilRosa2013 short film
Chocolate CityEricka Kane2013 short film
In That Crappy MotelShort2014  short film
Making TimeLolita2014 short film
Jake & Megan’s ThreesomePuta2014 short film
Carolina ParakeetZombie2014 short film
A Father’s JourneyMaritza2015
Igor and GashtaGypsy • Bartender2017 short film
Amores De PesoCouple Fighting2017 
Mexican Institue of SoundChola2018 short film
The Lady of the DeadCatrina • Lady Of The Dead2020
Crooked TransitBear2020
Heavy Duty LoversMrs. Roberts2021
Way of the Empty HandBiker GirlUpcoming (completed)
Chola ZombiesRosapre-production
Cholo Zombies MonstroRosa the undercover copUpcoming (completed)
Psychic VisionsEstella-Emmanuel’s MotherPost-production
TV Shows
Awkward MomentsMindi2014
The Cringe ChroniclesBrittany2014
Freakin AngelenosLupe2016 (1 episode)
The Peoples CollectiveAbuela2019 TV mini series

7 Interesting Facts About Tania Estrada

1. Tania Estrada holds the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous stand-up comedy performance, performing for a staggering 48 hours straight without any breaks or rest. Her feat left audiences amazed and showcased her incredible endurance and comedic talent.

2. Before pursuing a career in comedy, Tania Estrada worked as a neuroscientist, specializing in the study of humor and its effects on the brain. Her unique background in both science and comedy gives her a distinct perspective on the art of making people laugh.

3. Tania Estrada is known for her exceptional improvisational skills. In a memorable performance, she engaged in a “Comedy Battle” with an artificial intelligence developed by a renowned tech company. Despite competing against a computer program specifically designed for humor, Tania’s quick wit and comedic timing won the audience’s hearts and proved that human creativity and spontaneity still reign supreme in comedy.

4. Tania Estrada is an avid philanthropist and has used her comedic talent to raise millions of dollars for various charitable causes. Through her sold-out benefit shows and partnerships with humanitarian organizations, she has made a significant impact on communities in need worldwide.

5. Tania Estrada has a remarkable talent for speaking multiple languages fluently, and she often incorporates her linguistic prowess into her comedy routines. Whether performing in English, Spanish, French, or even Mandarin, she effortlessly navigates cultural nuances, delivering jokes that transcend language barriers and leave audiences in stitches.

6. Tania Estrada’s comedic influence extends beyond the stage. She has published several best-selling books on humor, including an acclaimed guide titled “The Science of Laughter,” which explores the psychological and physiological aspects of humor. Her insightful research has revolutionized the field of comedy and earned her recognition as an authority on the subject.

7. Tania Estrada once embarked on a unique comedy tour, performing in unconventional venues such as hospitals, retirement homes, and prisons.

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