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Tim Goodin (Singer) Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife and Net Worth

Tim Goodin Biography

Tim Goodin is a talented country music singer and songwriter, whose craft is woven with the threads of his life’s journey. From the unforgiving terrains of East Kentucky to the sunlit gravel pits of Central Alabama, his music echoes the rugged spirit of the Appalachian landscape. With a self-taught mastery that stems from deep within, Tim’s compositions capture the essence of his blue-collar ethos, sharing stories that strike a chord with the unvarnished challenges faced by ordinary folks.

Tim Goodin Wikipedia

Nurtured by the warm embrace of a middle-class, blue-collar family, Tim Goodin’s foundation was forged in the crucible of hard work and authenticity. His father, a seasoned Heavy Equipment mechanic, and his mother, who steered the ship as the Food Service Director at Pineville Independent Schools, set the stage for the unwavering dedication and tenacity that would come to define Tim’s artistic journey. It was amidst the very corridors of the educational institution his mother served that Tim took his initial steps toward a destiny that would resound with melodies.

Completing his educational chapter in the same halls his mother oversaw, Tim ventured into the realm of adulthood, a path illuminated by his parents’ steadfast example. This journey would gradually become a resonant ballad, each verse spun from the fibers of his surroundings.

Emerging from the heart of coal mines that sculpted his homeland, Tim transitioned into the realm of full-time labor, a world laden with tales yearning to be woven into melodies. Amidst the sweat and toil of the coal industry, Tim uncovered not only lumps of coal but also the golden nugget of his voice as a songwriter. With the acumen of a skilled bard, he transformed the anecdotes shared by his coworkers and companions into poetic verses that echoed with authenticity.

One of his unreleased compositions, “Hard Work and Misery,” stands as a silent testimony to his roots, a harmonious tribute to the shared narratives of those who walked the same paths. Through his music, Tim carved a space where tales of toil and triumph found an eternal home.

Tim Goodin Age

In the timeline of 2023, Tim’s age dances between the notes of mystery, settling somewhere between 30 and 45. Yet, like the verses he pens, his precise age remains a riddle, adding an air of intrigue to the man behind the melodies.

Tim Goodin Height and Appearance

Standing tall at 6 feet, Tim Goodin is a living embodiment of strength and vigor. His chiseled physique speaks volumes about his dedication to the grind, a dedication that mirrors his blue-collar ethos. His hair, cropped short, and his well-groomed beard frame his rugged face – a face marked by stories etched in every line. Tim’s attire is a mirror of his personality – simplicity reigns supreme. You’ll find him donning a cap, often pairing it with a comfortable t-shirt or shirt, jeans, and trusty boots.

Full NameTim Goodin
Age30 to 45 years old (estimate)
Height6 feet
HometownEast Kentucky Coal Mines
GenreCountry music
Net Worth$700,000

Tim Goodin Wife

Tim is married to his loving wife, Leanna. The lovely duo have been married for over 10 years and celebrated their 10-year anniversary on September 29, 2022. Tim has also revealed that his wife is his co-writer in music and it is evident that the two share a very deep bond.

Tim Goodin Discography

Tim’s music stretches its arms across various streaming platforms, where his stories find a home. With over 87,000 monthly listeners and 9000 followers on Spotify, Tim’s songs become the heartbeats of listeners hailing from Atlanta to Charlotte, Dallas to Minneapolis, and Columbus.

In 2023, his debut album “True Stories and Flat Out Lies” unveiled ten stellar tracks, each carrying a piece of his journey. Among his creations, anthems like “Sad Birds Still Sings,” “Son of Appalachia,” “Hard Times,” “Fishin’ Hole,” “Pills and Poverty,” “Weathered and Worn,” “Hard Times,” and “Mountain Queen” resonate deeply with his audience. On the strings of acoustic magic, “Pills and Poverty” takes the lead, amassing over 600,000 plays on Spotify as of August 25, 2023.

Tim Goodin Net Worth

Behind the melodies and verses lies a man whose worth goes beyond notes and chords. Tim’s estimated net worth of around $700,000 reflects the success he’s carved through his music career. As he continues to weave his tales, captivating fans across the nation, his wealth stands poised to ascend even higher. Yet, despite the monetary accomplishments, Tim’s spirit remains humble and his life stays under the radar, a living testament to the authenticity he pours into every lyric.

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