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Who Is Tommy Swanhaus? | Biography, Age, Wife and Net Worth

Tommy Swanhaus Biography

Tommy Swanhaus is a renowned entrepreneur, influencer, and best-selling author best known for his successful podcast and digital marketing company. He is ranked as one of the 6 best digital marketing experts in the world and is also ranked in the Top 30 Best Creators on Social. Join us in this detailed account of everything you’d want to know about Mr. Swanhaus.

Tommy Swanhaus Wiki

With 22 best-seller awards and a booming career in entrepreneurship, it is safe to say that Tommy is one of the most sought-after businessmen and entrepreneurial voices in the United States. As expected, Tommy was very bright in school. He studied at New Canaan High School before joining Duke University, where he studied public policy and mass communications, graduating in 2004. Thereafter, he engaged in various ventures, which we will describe in detail.

However, Tommy was involved in business even before graduating. His first vocation came between January 2000 to March 2001, when he founded, a cost-saving internet company. He orchestrated the initial capital for the start-up and facilitated its strategic partnerships, in addition to overseeing the functionality and creativity of the site.

Early Career

Thereafter, in October 2004, he joined Sol Productions, where he served as a director of development. He was tasked with managing development, starting from concepts to execution, including working with talent and brand representatives from a number of projects.

In April 2007, Tommy joined Original Media, where he worked as a development producer. He was the creator and executive producer of the family business reality series, “The Bussey Bunch”. Mr. Swanhaus brought the project to the production company, Original Media, which led to a twelve-episode deal with TLC based on his concept. The series follows a Texas family as they run a premier wrestling league that is poised to replicate the success of the McMahons with the WWE.
In April 2008, he started Swan Haus Media and served as the director of operations of the company up until June 2009.

Later on, in 2010, he founded The FreeStyle Life, one of the first digital distribution platforms for filmmakers and musicians. He was responsible for the overall strategy of the company’s brand, revenue, user acquisition, and growth. His entrepreneurial endeavors did not stop there. In September 2011, he founded The FreeStyle Life Film Exhibition, where he created an online film festival that helped to highlight the global work of The FreeStyle Life’s content creators. From October 2015 to 2018, he served as a producer and copywriter for Ron Sherman Advertising in Little Rock, Arkansas, where he created and wrote TV commercials for clients.

Latter Career

In August 2018, he landed a job as a board member at the Cottingham Military Crisis Foundation, where he stayed until January 2020. From September 2018 to date, he has served in several vocations and positions for some of the world’s best-performing companies, showing how multi-faceted he is. He serves as a mobile marketing consultant for Sentext Solutions, as a content creator partner for YouTube, as a top influencer for Amazon, and as an NSBA Leadership Council member. In August 2020, he founded Tommy Swanhaus Co. and has served as the company’s CEO ever since.

He is currently considered one of the top international experts in social media, online marketing, e-commerce, branded content creation, and digital strategy. He also works for TMS Publishing, TruService Community Federal Credit Union, and Cornerstone League. His experience and ability to work in different roles show just how versatile and reliable he is in the realm of entrepreneurship.

Tommy Swanhaus Age

Tommy Swanhaus is 42 years old as of 2023. He was born in 1981 and has managed to make quite a name for himself even before getting into his forties. As he continues to build a very impressive and trusted brand, it is safe to say that he will be one of the most sought-after influencers in the world in the coming future.

Tommy Swanhaus Height and Appearance

With a charismatic demeanor and youthful exuberance, Tommy is one figure that is very hard to miss. He has very noticeable blonde hair on his head and facial hair that matches. In addition, he has an impressive sense of fashion and usually dresses in classy, expensive suits, which are characteristic of his millionaire status.

Full NameThomas Morley Swanhaus
Age42 years old
BirthdayNot shared
Hair ColorBlonde
Height 5 feet, 9 inches
OccupationEntrepreneur, influencer, and author
WifeMary Catherine Roach
Net Worth$30 million

Tommy Swanhaus Wife

Tommy Swanhaus is married to his loving wife, Mary Catherine Roach. The lovely duo got married on June 5, 2010, in the Cathedral of St. Andrew. On an occasion officiated by Rev. Gary Matthew Garrison, Tommy’s wife wore an ivory sheath of French floral lace over a beautiful silk slip. She carried down the aisle a bouquet of garden roses, orchids, stock, freesia, and peonies. The classy wedding was attended by both parties’ families, including the bride’s father, brother, and cousins. They had their honeymoon in the West Indies and currently reside in New York.

Tommy Swanhaus Net Worth

Tommy Swanhaus has an estimated net worth of around $30 million as of 2023. He owes this impressive figure to a successful career in both entrepreneurship, where he has started and managed several companies, as well as his influencer career, which has seen him grow his marketability and brand on a global scale. In addition, he has also earned a lot of money from book sales of his 22x best-selling book, “Amplify Your Marketing, Career, and Company, which has surpassed 5 million downloads worldwide.

The book is mainly in audio-book format and has surpassed all expectations in the publishing world, which is characteristic of Tommy’s ability to accomplish monumental feats in short periods of time. He lives a very luxurious lifestyle, which is fitting for his millionaire status. Tommy often travels around the world and owns some of the most luxurious things life has to offer. Another millionaire entrepreneur you might like to read about is, Neelesh Alwani.

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