Velly Vellz Biography, Age, Height, Jail Time and Net Worth

Velly Vellz Biography

Velly Vellz, also known as Velly Da Menace, is an up-and-coming rapper and songwriter from Yonkers, New York, currently making a statement in the urban drill scene with his explosive and unique style. Familiar with street life, Velly’s music is an embodiment of what he has lived through and has survived, making his tracks extremely relatable and at the same time dancey to a fault. In this article, we discuss everything you might need to know about Velly. From his music to his personal life and net worth, we have the whole scoop, so be sure to read through to the end.

Velly Vellz Wikipedia

Velly Vellz grew up in the tough and noisy streets of Yonkers, New York. Growing up in the hood, his life was characterized by violence, narcotics, and a harsh street life. A lover of music from a young age, Velly always had a passion for music and looked up to the likes of Biggie and Wu-Tang Clan, who had made it out of hood life through their talent. After he first went into music, he never thought he would make it, in fact, it wasn’t until he made his first $50,000 that he saw his potential and decided to focus on music as a full-time career.

Growing up alongside Mula Gzz and Sheemy, he had a really supportive friend group who were also into rap and it was easy to make the decision to leave the street life behind and make a living out of making killer tunes. It is safe to say Vellz made the right decision, as his music was received with full support, first from New Yorkers and soon after the whole United States.

Unfortunately, a few months after his freestyle on “On The Radar Radio” went viral, Velly was arrested and sentenced to 12 years in prison for gang-affiliated activity, which has proved to be a big setback to his musical career. However,  we can be sure that Velly will make a legendary comeback once he is out. Despite being behind bars, his music continues to sell very well, and as a result, he is able to support his baby mama and daughter.

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Velly Vellz Age

Velly is believed to be around 19 to 22 years old as of 2023. The talented youngin’ has made quite an impact on the American drill scene despite his young age. His charisma and energy have left his fans eager for his release, and it is not without reason that they highly anticipate his release and hope he gets released sooner than expected.

Velly Vellz Height and Appearance

Velly stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches. He possesses a slim physique and long dreadlocks. He has brown eyes and a light complexion that complements his several tattoos, bringing out his gangster aura even more.

Stage NameVelly Vellz, Velly Da Menace
Real NameDevelle Coates
Height5 feet 7 inches
HometownYonkers, New York
Age19 to 22 years old
GenreDrill rap
Net Worth$600,000

Velly Vellz Babymama

Velly is a proud father of one daughter whom he adores. After getting locked up, he posted a photo of him, his baby mama, and his daughter on Father’s Day, bidding them that he would be back soon. He has, however, not yet disclosed the names of his loved ones and prefers to keep them under the radar. It is evident that he misses his family and has even shared a post with his baby daughter, promising her that she will be back soon.

Velly Vellz Discography

Before his untimely incarceration, Velly had been very busy writing and releasing music as well as doing several collaborations. He has even had a collaboration with Blasian Doll which went viral almost immediately it was released. However, most notable is Velly Vellz’s On The Radar Freestyle which seemingly set off his career. We have embedded the video to his freestyle below for you to enjoy.

As of August 30, 2023, Velly still enjoys an impressive number of monthly listeners on Spotify. He has a monthly listener count of over 12,000. In addition, he also has over 6,000 followers on the platform.

Velly Vellz Net Worth

Before getting locked up, Velly was able to amass an estimated net worth of around $600,000 which is a testimony to just how much he was destined to blow up. His musical efforts continue to support his family through stream proceeds and other investments he has made. It is evident that he had already begun making loads of money which he was never shy of showing off on his Instagram account. Velly owns a couple of luxury cars including a Porche 911, a Cadillac, and a white Ford Mustang.

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