1UP Tee

1UP Tee (Rapper) Biography, Age, Birthplace and Net Worth

1UP Tee Biography

1UP Tee is an American rapper and songwriter currently on the rise in the United States, best known for his smash freestyle, “Good Karma”. He has been on a rap rampage, releasing banger after banger, and it appears the only way is up for the Detrot-born rapper.

1UP Tee Wikipedia

Tee’s journey is deeply rooted in the vibrant yet challenging streets of Detroit. Immersed in a culture where hip-hop isn’t just music but a lifeline, he found solace and aspiration in its rhythms. Despite dreams of a football career not panning out, Tee found his true calling in rap, debuting with the track “Gooey” in 2019, igniting his musical path.

His upbringing, marked by a blend of roughness and joy, infuses his lyrics with raw authenticity. Influenced by the likes of J. Cole, Payroll, and Faze, Tee’s sound embodies a fusion of storytelling and street-smart lyricism. Central to his creative process is his partnership with his go-to producer, Genie, whose beats serve as the canvas for Tee’s lyrical tapestry.

For Tee, rapping isn’t just a passion; it’s a necessity—a vital outlet through which he channels his lived experiences. Each verse becomes a reflection of his reality, a testament to navigating the challenges of life in the city. In Tee’s world, music isn’t merely entertainment; it’s a means of survival and self-expression.

1UP Tee Age

As of 2024, 1UP Tee is believed to be around 20 to 25 years old. He has, however, managed to maintain a rather discrete approach to what he shares on his social media pages

1UP Tee Birthplace

Tee was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. He draws a lot of influences from his hometown and is always paying homage to his crew and friends.

1UP Tee Height and Appearance

Tee stands at a height of 5 feet, 7 inches, as of 2024. He has a rather stocky build and loves dressing in very expensive designer clothing, as is the custom of the hip-hop culture in Detroit and the United States as a whole.

Full Name1UP Tee
Age20 to 25 years old
Birth PlaceDetroit, Michigan
Height5 feet, 7 inches
OccupationRapper and songwriter
Baby mamaNot shared
Net Worth$2 million

1UP Tee Discography

1UP Tee is currently emerging as a formidable presence in the music scene, boasting a distinct cadence and a raw, rugged sound. He consistently releases tracks across multiple platforms, including Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

As of 2024, Tee’s Spotify profile boasts over 187,000 monthly listeners, while his YouTube channel has amassed over 12,000 subscribers. Additionally, on Viberate, he commands a monthly audience of over 199,000 listeners.

1UP Tee Net Worth

As of 2024, 1UP Tee’s predicted net worth is around $2 million, a staggering sum fueled by his flourishing music career. He performs at numerous venues, commanding substantial fees for his shows. Additionally, he earns significant revenue through digital music platforms like Spotify and YouTube, where his tracks amass millions of views and streams.

Living a lavish lifestyle, Tee indulges in designer clothing and adorns himself with extravagant, iced-out jewelry, which he proudly showcases on his social media platforms.

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