Dag Heward-Mills

Dag Heward-Mills Biography, Age, Books, Wife and Net Worth

Dag Heward-Mills Biography

Dag Heward-Mills is an esteemed evangelist, pastor, author, and conference speaker who has made a significant impact on the Christian community worldwide. With a passion for spreading the gospel and nurturing believers, he has dedicated his life to ministry and the pursuit of spiritual growth.

Dag Heward-Mills Ministry

Heward-Mills is the founder and presiding bishop of the United Denominations Originating from the Lighthouse Group of Churches (UD-OLGC), a Christian organization that encompasses hundreds of churches in various countries. He began his ministry in the late 1980s and has since traveled extensively, conducting revivals, conferences, and leadership training events in different parts of the world.

Bishop Heward-Mills is known for his powerful preaching and teaching. He delivers messages that inspire and challenge individuals to deepen their relationship with God. Through his ministry, he has impacted countless lives, bringing healing, transformation, and spiritual renewal to many.

Bishop Heward-Mills Preaching
Bishop Heward-Mills Preaching

In addition to his preaching ministry, Bishop Dag is actively involved in various ventures that promote Christian education and development. He established the Anagkazo Bible and Ministry Training Center, an institution that provides theological education and equips individuals for effective ministry. The school has trained numerous pastors and church leaders, empowering them to serve their communities with excellence and integrity.

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Dag Heward-Mills Age

Dag Heward-Mills is 60 years old. He was born on May 14, 1963. Throughout his ministry, he has displayed wisdom and maturity beyond his years, earning the respect and admiration of both young and old alike.

Dag Heward-Mills Height and Appearance

Standing at a height of approximately 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm), Dag Heward-Mills possesses a commanding presence that captures the attention of his audience. With a dignified demeanor and a warm smile, he exudes a sense of authority and approachability, making him relatable to people from all walks of life.

Full NameDag Heward-Mills
Age59 years old
BirthdayMay 14, 1963
Height6 feet 2 inches
OccupationPastor, Author, Conference Speaker
Net Worth$5 million

Dag Heward-Mills Wife

Bishop Dag is happily married to Lady Reverend Adelaide Heward-Mills. She is an integral part of his ministry, providing support, wisdom, and counsel. Together, they have nurtured a strong and loving family, setting an example of a godly marriage and partnership in ministry.

Books By Dag Heward-Mills

In addition to his preaching and teaching, Heward-Mills is a prolific author with a vast collection of books that cover various aspects of Christian living and ministry. His books, such as “The Mega Church,” “Loyalty and Disloyalty,” “Those Who Accuse You,” and “The Art of Leadership,” offer valuable insights, practical guidance, and biblical wisdom for believers seeking to grow in their faith and serve effectively in their respective spheres of influence. Among other books he has written include; “Anagkazo”, “Flow Prayer Book”, “Catch the Anointing”, “The Art Of Shepherding” and “Daughter You Can Make It”.

Dag Heward-Mills Net Worth

With his extensive ministry and successful book publications, Dag Heward-Mills has achieved financial success. Heward-Mills’ has a net worth of $5 million, a testament to his dedication and the impact of his work in the Kingdom of God. However, his focus remains on advancing the gospel and positively influencing lives rather than personal wealth accumulation.


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In conclusion, Heward-Mills is a respected evangelist, pastor, and author who has dedicated his life to sharing the love of Christ and empowering believers. Through his ministry, books, and various ventures, he continues to inspire and impact people around the world. With a heart for the lost and a passion for equipping others, he remains a guiding light in the global Christian community.

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