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Dizzy Fae (Singer) Biography, Wiki, Age, Height and Net Worth

Dizzy Fae Biography

Dizzy Fae is a renowned singer and dancer with a classical foundation, originating from St. Paul, Minnesota, and now finding her artistic home in Minneapolis. Her reputation has soared as she fearlessly explores the intricacies and liberties woven within the realms of love and human connection. Imbued with the teachings of dance from TU Dance and honing her vocal prowess at the Saint Paul Conservatory for Performing Arts, Dizzy forged a distinctive and diverse artistic style. This very style has propelled her onto revered stages, where she has shared the spotlight with luminaries such as Kehlani, Poliça, The Internet, and Jorja Smith.

Dizzy Fae Wikipedia, Career and Come Up

In the ever-evolving tapestry of modern music, few stories shimmer with the vibrancy of Dizzy Fae’s rise. A maven of stylistically audacious R&B, Dizzy Fae’s journey from teenage prodigy to acclaimed artist is a symphony of innovation and determination.

Imagine this: a 16-year-old musical savant crafts her debut track, “Color Me Bad,” a magnetic creation that would go on to debut on the illustrious Zane Lowe’s Beats1 radio show. The setting? A senior-year vocal class, where dreams mingled with the hum of everyday academia. Graduation marked not an end, but a beginning—an inauguration into a world where her talents would soon captivate hearts and ears.

Her emergence into the limelight came in the form of a sold-out US tour, sharing stages with luminaries like Lizzo and Toro Y Moi. It was a glimpse into the meteoric trajectory she was about to embark upon, a testament to her ability to captivate audiences on her own and alongside giants.

The year 2018 saw the release of her debut project, the Free Form mixtape. Crafted in collaboration with masterful producers Psymun (known for his work with The Weeknd and Corbin) and Su Na (whose touch graced tracks for GoldLink and Gallant), the mixtape was an indie sensation that reverberated with a resounding chorus of acclaim. Futuristic synths intertwined with ’80s funk influences, creating a musical tapestry that was unmistakably Dizzy Fae. Due to her unconventional style, she has been likened to Doja Cat and male artist Aldrch.

Evolution and Musical Nuances

As her sonic evolution continued, 2019 heralded the arrival of the NO GMO mixtape, a testament to her artistic daring and conceptual prowess. The boundaries of genre and expectation were shattered, making it clear that Dizzy Fae was not just a passing comet, but a guiding star in the musical constellation.

Anticipation swelled as 2021 approached, and in May, Dizzy Fae graced the world with her debut EP, Antenna. A showcase of her maturation as an artist, Antenna was a harmonious fusion of all that defined her: poignant lyricism, boundary-pushing arrangements, and a voice that seemed to reach across time and space.

From those early moments of opening for R&B powerhouse Lizzo in 2016 to becoming a darling of the indie scene, Dizzy Fae’s journey exemplifies the indomitable spirit of an artist who defies categorization and embraces the adventure of artistic exploration. In the mosaic of modern music, Dizzy Fae’s chapter is one that glistens with innovation, individuality, and an unceasing drive to paint her sonic visions onto the world’s canvas.

Dizzy Fae Age

Dizzy Fae is currently 25 years old as of 2023. She was born on August 17, 1998, in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her music resonates nicely with a younger audience with ages ranging from 15 to 30, but it also finds its place with older people as her artistry knows no bounds.

Dizzy Fae Height and Appearance

Fae stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and has a very stunning physique. With a flat tummy and curves to die for, Dizzy is the personification of ‘stunningly gorgeous’. She has a very cute face and exudes an air of overwhelming beauty whenever she graces her fans and friends with her presence. She has a light skin tone, and usually, her outfits feature a somewhat unconventional look to them.

Stage NamesDizzy Fae, DizThaWiz
Age25 years old
BirthdayAugust 17, 1998
Height5 feet 5 inches
OccupationSinger, Songwriter
Net Worth$500,000
Most Popular TrackBody Move

Fae loves to wear unique accessories, some of which are even hard to name, which make her unique in all aspects. She has long, silky black hair, which she likes to style into a box braid, which has become somewhat of her signature look. In addition, she also has a beautiful tribal tattoo on the back of her neck, which is the only visible tattoo she has as of August 2023.

Dizzy Fae Discography

As of August 2023, Dizzy has released several catchy and bumpy tracks, which she posts on several music streaming platforms, including Soundcloud, Deezer, and Spotify. As a result, she currently has over 128,000 monthly listeners on her Spotify account, as well as over 64,000 loyal followers who are always eager to hear what she has in store for them. Most of her listeners hail from Los Angeles, New York, Brooklyn, Chicago, and Seattle. On YouTube, she has a total of over 1 million views and is currently enjoying a consistent viewer count whenever she drops new music.

On Spotify, her most popular tracks; ‘Body Move’, ‘Baby Pliz’, and ‘360 Baby’ have all surpassed the 1 million play mark, with ‘Body Move’ having a staggering play count of over 4 million. Some other songs she has released include; Spooky Link, Johnny Bravo, Kosmic Luv, Woof, Booty 3000, Altar, and I’m Good.

Dizzy Fae Net Worth

From her impressive rise in the music industry to having several endorsement deals and noteworthy stream numbers, Dizzy Fae currently boasts an estimated net worth of around $500,000 as of 2023. She owes this to her several revenue streams, with a large sum of her income coming from stage performances, which are usually sold out. In addition, she also sells various branded merchandise on her official website and does collaborations with popular clothing brands such as FWRD.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dizzy Fae

How Old is Dizzy Fae?

Dizzy is 25 years old as of 2023. She celebrates her birthday on August 17 every year.

Where is Dizzy Fae from?

Dizzy hails from St. Paul, Minnesota. However, she is currently based in Minneapolis

Is Dizzy Fae Queer?

Yes, Dizzy Fae is proudly queer and has not been shy about confirming the matter to anyone who asks.

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