Joule Sullivan

Who Is Joule Sullivan? Biography, Wiki, Age, Height and Net Worth

Joule Sullivan Biography

Joule Sullivan is a former Australian army official who currently runs a tailor shop at Custom Made Reality. He speaks 6 languages fluently and has been to 96 countries of the world. Joule holds three mottos which he has highlighted on his Instagram page namely; Dress Sharp, Drive Fast, and Shoot Straight. He is also renowned for being Andrew Tate’s manager.

Joule Sullivan Wikipedia

Joule Sullivan embarked on a dynamic career journey, commencing with the study of Arabic in Syria and the establishment of a business venture in Iran. Subsequently, Joule joined British American Tobacco (BAT), an experience that proved invaluable due to BAT’s renowned corporate security function, acknowledged as one of the oldest and most respected globally.

In 2016, Joule’s career trajectory took a regional turn when he assumed a pivotal role with Abbott, a global healthcare giant, covering the EMEA region. His responsibilities expanded further as he recently embraced a global role within the organization.

Based in Dubai, Joule Sullivan, currently holding the position of Director of International Security Operations at Abbott, demonstrates proficiency in navigating high-risk environments, especially within the Middle East. He shared his insights into corporate security in an interview with IFSEC Global, emphasizing the importance of enriching value through peer networks, mastering fear management, and acquiring linguistic skills, including proficiency in the “language of cybersecurity.”

Military Days

Beyond his corporate endeavors, Joule has a rich background, having served in the Australian military until 2007 before venturing into the Middle East. His professional journey includes roles as a security and intelligence executive with notable companies. Additionally, he holds the position of security director at Abbott.

Sullivan in his army fatigues

Notably, Sullivan is a multifaceted individual, extending his influence beyond the realm of security. He is the owner of the Romanian company Sartorial Shooter SNL and serves as the manager for influential content creator Andrew Tate and his brother, Tristan Tate. Frequently seen in the company of associates such as Arno Wingen and Dylan Madden, Joule continues to leave a mark in various professional domains.

Joule Sullivan Age

Joule Sullivan is estimated to be around 45 to 50 years old as of 2024. However, being someone who is very discrete about his personal life, Joule has not revealed his exact age at the moment.

Joule Sullivan Height and Appearance

Joule Sullivan stands at a height of 6 feet 4 inches as of 2024. He has a very well-built physique which is mainly a result of his time in the military and he has managed to maintain this physique even after leaving the army. Sullivan also has an innate sense of fashion and usually dresses in some of the classiest and most elegant suits and outfits.

Full NameJoule Sullivan
Age45 to 50 years old
BirthdayNot shared
Home CountryAustralia
Height 6 feet 4 inches
OccupationEntrepreneur, influencer and security expert
WifeNot shared
Net Worth$20 million

Joule Sullivan Wife

Sullivan is currently very unclear regarding his relationship status and has not revealed any information suggesting that he could be married at the moment.

Joule Sullivan Net Worth

Joule Sullivan currently has an estimated net worth of around $20 million as of 2024. He owes this impressive net worth to numerous years of success in the several career facets he has worked in.

He also runs one of the most successful Romanian companies and hangs out with fellow millionaires. Sullivan exudes an air of opulence and is never shy of showing off his immense wealth through his Instagram page.

Joule with Andrew Tate

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