Kayla Hodges

Kayla Hodges Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband and Net Worth

Kayla Hodges Biography

Kayla Hodges is a beautiful and successful sales expert and trainer who has been ranked as the #1 female sales trainer under 30. She is based in Miami, Florida, and is the founder of 7th Level Red, which is ranked as one of the Top 20 sales training companies in the world.

Kayla Hodges Wikipedia

Kayla Hodges is a visionary leader with a passion for communication, leadership development, and empowering women to reach their full potential. With a diverse background spanning over a decade, Kayla has made significant contributions in sales, marketing, events, and leadership coaching, leaving an indelible mark on the organizations and communities she serves.

As the Founder of 7th Level Red, Kayla spearheads a mission to empower women in sales, leveraging her expertise to help them double their closing ratios. Through innovative methodologies and a feminine perspective infused into NEPQ Red (Nuro-Emotional Persuasion Questioning), Kayla equips women with the skills to excel in sales while staying true to their values.

Other Works

Her commitment to women’s empowerment extends to her roles as Sales Mentor & Miami Chapter Chair at Boss Talks Network and Co-Founder of Live in Boldness. At Boss Talks Network, Kayla fosters a supportive community of women entrepreneurs, breaking barriers and achieving financial success through mentorship and professional connections. Simultaneously, as a Co-Founder of Live in Boldness, she inspires individuals to embrace their authenticity and live life courageously.

In her previous role as Director of Business Development for the Miami Chapter Chair at Global Leaders Organization (GLO), Kayla played a pivotal role in fostering professional growth and facilitating connections within the business community. Her leadership and strategic acumen contributed to the organization’s mission of helping businesses thrive in the ever-evolving landscape.

Kayla Hodges’s Former Website

Kayla’s dedication to personal and professional development is evident in her tenure as an Executive Coach at KaylaHodges.com, where she provided guidance and mentorship to individuals seeking to unlock their full potential. Additionally, her experience as Builder Relations Manager at Custom Audio Video and CEO of Fit Lady Academy underscores her versatility and proficiency in building relationships and driving organizational success.

Kayla Hodges Age

Born and raised in the United States, Kayla Hodges is believed to be around 28 to 35 years old as of 2024. She has however not revealed her exact age at the moment and prefers to keep this information to herself.

Kayla Hodges Height and Appearance

Kayla Hodges is a beautiful ginger with hair that makes her look more like Scarlet Johanson in The Avengers. She wears this beautiful hair gracefully, adding a modelesque physique to her allure. She also has a very beautiful and elegant sense of fashion which is evidently seen in the way she dresses.

Full NameKayla Hodges
Age28 to 35 years old
Home CountryUnited States if America
Height5 Feet 10 inches
OccupationChristian Apologist
WifeMichelle (Divorced)
Net Worth$500,000

Kayla Hodges Husband

Kayla Hodges is married to her loving husband, JMiner. The lovely duo are very affectionate about their love and usually share their experiences on social media. They are proud parents of their beautiful daughter whom they always show affection to on their social media pages. During their latest anniversary, Kayla shared a heartwarming message accompanied by beautiful photos showing their love journey. The caption she shared read;


Falling in love with you has been one of the most incredible experiences I have ever had. Thank you so much for loving me, seeing me, and being the kind of man I used to only dream about. I love the man you are, the father you are, and the leader you are.
Thank you for being the example and for pursuing your dreams. You are truly changing the world.

I am so in love with you. Happy Anniversary my King.

🧡- KLove

Kayla Hodges Net Worth

Kayla Hodges has an estimated net worth of around $5 million as of 2024. She has amassed this impressive figure due to her successful career in the realm of sales. In addition, her brainchild, 7th Level Red, has become of of the most sought-after sales companies in the world. With a booming business and an entrepreneurial mind, Kayla’s wealth is bound to increase even more in the near future.

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