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Who Is Lily Java? | Biography, Wiki, Age, Husband and Net Worth

Lily Java Biography

Lily Java is a famous and controversial evangelist who claims to operate in the office of Prophetess and is known for being the wife of famous pastor, Passion Java. She is very popular on social media and currently serves as the co-pastor of the Kingdom Embassy. On her official website, Lily claims to be a generational curse breaker and also operates in the realm of supernatural healing.

Lily Java Wikipedia

Lily, a captivating figure with an enormous social media following, has emerged as an influential icon and source of inspiration for numerous women aspiring to enter the ministry. As the co-founder and co-pastor of Kingdom Embassy Church, her influence extends beyond the walls of the church, reaching a vast audience. Lily not only delivers powerful sermons but also serves as a mentor to many within her congregation.

While confidently asserting that she operates in the same spiritual realm as her husband, Lily boldly claims to be a prophet who receives direct messages from God. These assertions, however, have sparked controversy, and the validity of her claims remains unconfirmed.

Similar to Innocent Java’s church, Kingdom Embassy Church aligns itself with the Charismatic movement, emphasizing prophetic utterances, healing, and deliverance services. Lily’s ministry transcends the traditional boundaries of a church, with a strong presence in the online sphere, where her words and teachings resonate with a diverse audience seeking spiritual guidance.

Lily Java Age

Born on June 15, 1990, Lily Java is 33 years old as of 2023. She was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Lily is a proud Gemini.

Lily Java Height and Appearance

Miss Java is very beautiful and elegant. She currently stands at a height of 5 feet 8 inches. Due to her Ethiopian origins, one can easily mistake Lily for being biracial. However, we can confidently confirm that Lily is indeed fully Ethiopian. She is often dressed in outfits inspired by African culture and maintains a level of class that is nothing short of impressive.

Full NameLily Gaffa Java
Age33 years old
BirthdayJune 15
Home CountryAddis Ababa, Ethiopia
Height 5 feet 8 inches
OccupationPastor, speaker and social media star
HusbandPassion Java
Net Worth$100 million

In addition, Lily has long black hair and brown eyes which add beauty to her light skin complexion. Many of her congregants and fans on social media have often claimed that she looks quite younger than her age suggests and it is clear why.

Lily Java Husband

Lily Java is married to famous controversial pastor, Passion Java who is the lead pastor of the Kingdom Embassy. Miss Passion and Passion are majorly known for their prophecy-focused ministry as well as their extravagant and opulent lifestyles. Her husband often shows off his wealth on his Instagram page.

Lily with her husband

The power couple shepherds the Kingdom Embassy together and Lily usually serves as the co-pastor of the Kingdom Embassy and claims to operate in the office of Prophetess. Their church is located on Washington Boulevard. Lily and her husband are proud parents of three wonderful boys named Lemuel Java, Raphael Java, and Uriel Java.

Lily Java Net Worth

Lovers of the finer things in life, Lily Java currently has an estimated net worth of around $100 million as of 2023. Lily is usually dressed in some very classy designer clothing and together with her husband, drives around in luxurious cars which is a testament to their ever-increasing fortune.

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