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Makayla Shelton (WDBJ7) Bio, Age, Height, Family, Husband and Net Worth

Makayla Shelton Biography

Makayla Shelton, a talented American news journalist, is currently making waves as a dedicated reporter at WDBJ7. Her journey in journalism was fortified by her academic achievements, as she successfully graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Multimedia Journalism. Combining her passion for storytelling with her acquired skills, she has emerged as a formidable force in the world of news reporting, captivating audiences with her insightful coverage and unwavering commitment to delivering accurate and impactful stories.

Makayla Shelton WDBJ7

Shelton is a recent graduate of Virginia Tech. She joined the WDBJ7 team in June 2021 as a Southside Bureau reporter and is currently becoming a very valued member of the station. In addition, Makayla also works at VTTV Limited as an entertainment news anchor based in Blacksburg, Virginia.

Miss Shelton is an integral part of VTTV, Virginia Tech’s television station, where she serves as both an anchor and a reporter. As an anchor, she delivers the news with poise and professionalism, ensuring that viewers are informed about the latest happenings on campus and beyond.

Makayla’s ability to connect with viewers and deliver the news in a clear and concise manner has made her a favorite among VTTV’s audience. In addition to her anchoring duties, Makayla is also a talented reporter, covering a wide range of stories from student events to local news.

Her inquisitive nature and attention to detail enable her to get to the heart of every story, giving viewers a thorough understanding of the issues at hand. Makayla’s dedication to her craft and commitment to delivering high-quality news make her an invaluable member of the VTTV team. She serves the news alongside her fellow wdbj7 colleagues such as Sophia Borrelli and Isabella Ledonne.

Makayla Shelton Age

Makayla is 22 years old as of 2023. She was born in 2001 and celebrates her birthday on the 23rd of April every year.

Makayla Shelton Height and Appearance

As of 2023, Makayla stands tall at an elegant height of 5 feet 3 inches, captivating her audience not just with her exceptional journalism skills but also with her stunning appearance. With her radiant beauty and model-like physique, she effortlessly complements her news broadcasting, leaving her fans in awe of her charm.

Her fair light brown complexion highlights her graceful features, while her mesmerizing grey eyes seem to hold an innate sense of allure and intelligence. Makayla’s slim, model-like figure adds to her allure, accentuating her natural poise and confidence on screen. Moreover, her long, luscious curly hair enhances her overall fabulous and captivating persona, making her a beloved figure both in the media industry and among her dedicated admirers.

Full NameMakayla Shelton
Age22 years old
BirthdayApril 23
Height5 feet 3 inches
ChildrenNo children yet
OccupationNews Anchor, reporter
Salary$27,000 to $78,000 (Estimate)
Net Worth$100,000

Makayla Shelton Boyfriend

As of now, Makayla’s relationship status remains private, and she has not disclosed any details about her love life. Her focus seems to revolve around her career and cherished friendships. She shares a strong bond with her friends, and their camaraderie is evident through the moments they spend together. Often embarking on exciting vacation trips as a tight-knit group, their shared experiences further solidify their close friendship. Makayla’s affection for her friends shines through, and their enduring connection continues to be a source of joy and support in her life.

Educational Background

Shelton takes immense pride in her alma mater, Virginia Tech, where she pursued her passion for journalism and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Multimedia Journalism. The comprehensive education she received at the university has undoubtedly been instrumental in shaping her successful career and fostering her dedication to delivering engaging and impactful news content.

Makayla Shelton Parents

Makayla was born and raised in the United States but has yet to reveal details about her family members. Notwithstanding, this information will be revealed as soon as it is available.

Makayla Shelton Net Worth

As of 2023, Shelton’s unwavering dedication to journalism and her relentless pursuit of delivering accurate and reliable news updates have contributed to her estimated net worth of around $100,000. Her commitment to her craft, coupled with her consistent hard work, has been instrumental in attaining this impressive financial milestone. Through her passion for journalism, she continues to make a meaningful impact in the media industry.

Makayla Shelton Salary

As of 2023, Makayla’s annual estimated salary ranges between $27,000 to $78,000, which is an average calculated from the salaries of journalists across the United States. It’s important to note that this figure is not her exact salary but rather a general approximation based on industry standards. Makayla’s actual earnings may vary depending on factors such as her experience, expertise, and the specific media organization she is affiliated with.

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