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Mo Kartii Biography, Age, Height, Real Name and Net Worth

Mo Kartii Biography

Mo Kartii is an American up-and-coming rapper hailing from Brooklyn, New York, and is currently a topic of discussion all around the United States due to his raw and explicit lyrics, which put him a cut above the rest of the upcoming artists. He is best known for his songs, Poke 14 and Dougie. In addition, he has been compared with the likes of Munna Duke and Kenzo Balla who are also on the rise in the United States drill scene. In this article, we take a look at everything you might want to know about Mo and his music, so be sure to read.

Mo Kartii Wikipedia

In the bustling urban jungle of New York City’s music scene, one artist has carved out his own unique niche, leaving an indelible mark with each beat drop. Kartii, a rising star who burst onto the scene in 2022 with his infectious hit single “Poke 14,” has swiftly cemented his name in the very fabric of the city’s musical landscape. With a signature style that seamlessly melds thought-provoking lyricism and a dance-inducing rhythm, Kartii has become the embodiment of the pulsating urban drill wave that’s been sweeping through the streets.

A photo of Kartii during an interview
A photo of Kartii during an interview

From the moment “Poke 14” hit the airwaves, it was clear that Kartii was onto something special. His lyrics, like vivid brushstrokes on a sonic canvas, paint a picture that’s both gritty and soul-stirring. The beats that serve as the backdrop to his words are infectious, luring listeners into a world where every rhyme is a step on the dance floor. It’s a magic formula that bridges the gap between raw street narratives and the irresistible urge to move your body to the rhythm – a formula that’s proven to be the lifeblood of the drill movement.

In a move that solidified his position as a frontrunner in the drill scene, Kartii dropped the remix of “Poke 14” in 2022. Collaborating with fellow drill maestros Lil Worm and JayBucks, the remix transformed the original three-minute track into an instant hood classic. The fusion of Kartii’s lyrical prowess with Lil Worm’s slick verses and JayBucks’ electrifying flow was a symphony of urban storytelling, capturing the essence of the streets in a way that only true hip-hop aficionados could fully appreciate.

Recent Endeavors

But Kartii’s journey didn’t stop at remixes and hit singles. In 2023, he unleashed a musical masterpiece in the form of a six-song EP. Each track in this carefully curated collection serves as a testament to his evolution as an artist, showcasing his ability to navigate the labyrinthine alleys of the drill genre while infusing his signature dancey sound. The EP stands as a sonic journey, a testament to Kartii’s commitment to pushing boundaries and crafting a narrative that’s uniquely his own. As Kartii’s star continues to rise, it’s becoming increasingly evident that he’s destined for greatness.

His lyrical dexterity and confident stride along the path paved by drill luminaries like Fivio Foreign and the late Pop Smoke signal a new era in the New York City hip-hop narrative. With each track, he’s not just dropping beats; he’s dropping truth bombs wrapped in rhythm, a lyrical revolutionary sparking a movement on the dance floor and in the hearts of his listeners. Brooklyn, the birthplace of legends, has once again produced an artist who’s set to rewrite the future of hip-hop. Kartii’s name is no longer a whisper in the wind – it’s a battle cry echoing through the boroughs and beyond. So keep your ears tuned, your feet moving, and your soul open, because Kartii is here to stay, and he’s a force to be reckoned with in the ever-evolving symphony of urban soundscapes.

Mo Kartii Age

Kartii is around 16 to 20 years old as of 2023. He is quite young, and it comes as no surprise that his youthful energy and exuberance translate into his music. In addition, he has made very impressive musical strides despite his young age and is on his way to superstardom if he keeps his head down and plays music

Mo Kartii Height and Appearance

Kartii stands at a height of 5 feet, 8 inches as of 2023. He has a slim physique and likes to keep his appearance simple. A lover of the customary t-shirt and jeans, Kartii does not love going overboard with his dressing. In addition, he has brown eyes and short black hair.

Stage NamesMo Kartii, Kartii
Real NameMoses Adelaja
Age16 to 20 years old
HometownBrooklyn, New York
Height5 feet 8 inches
GenreDrill Rap
Net Worth$300,000

Mo Kartii Discography

Since his debut in 2022, Kartii has been very busy writing and releasing dope tracks with the aim of breaking into the mainstream. As of 2023, he has released more than seven singles and an EP, which he released most recently. The EP features six songs whose lyrics show just how much he has grown as an artist with regard to his craft. Among the songs he has released are Arm and Leg, Let It Go, The Real, Pitstop, We So Proud, Imagination, Long Time, and O Lets Do What. He currently has a staggering monthly listener count of over 85,000 on Spotify and a follower count of over 7,700. Most of his fans on Spotify are from New York City, Brooklyn, Toronto, London, and The Bronx.

Mo Kartii Net Worth

As of 2023, Kartii has an estimated net worth of around $300,000. He owes this impressive figure to his newfound fame and continued success in streaming and music sales. In addition, he also garners a lot of money through stage performances all around the United States. Mo spends his money on what most rappers spend on jewelry, clothes, and fancy cars. He owns a very luxurious black BMW, which he flaunts on his Instagram from time to time. Also, he owns a couple of chains that he wears with his expensive designer clothes from brands such as The North Face, Amiri, Nike, and Air Jordans.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mo Kartii

How Old Is Mo Kartii?

Kartii is currently estimated to be around 16 to 20 years old as of 2023

Where is Mo Kartii From?

Kartii hails from the gritty streets of Brooklyn, New York. He was born and raised in Brooklyn.

What is Mo Karti’s Real Name?

Kartii’s real name is Moses Adelaja.

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