Munna Duke

Munna Duke (O’Block) Biography, Wiki, Age, Height and Net Worth

Munna Duke Biography

Munna Duke is an American drill rapper and songwriter and a member of the Black Disciples from O’ Block. Hailing originally from Lamron, Munna is known for his affiliation with popular rappers such as Lil Durk, and Tay Savage, as well as his hit singles. In addition, he was very close to the now-deceased King Von. We take a deep look into the life of one of O’ Block’s most revered members.

Munna Duke Wikipedia

With being gang-affiliated and living through the hardships of street life being a norm in the hoods of Chicago, Duke often found himself in positions where his life was at risk, and he would often contemplate his life. Luckily, O’Block was always blessed musically, with several artists coming from the sect, which is now renowned for its prominence in the drill music scene.

Munna has also served a couple of years for undisclosed charges, which might have put his music on hold for a while. However, he was back with a banger and has been releasing music quite often ever since his release. He revealed that his biggest loss was never about music but rather that he missed his son’s first and second birthdays but is thankful that he got to be there for his 3-year birthday. Duke marked the event with pictures of him and his son dressed up and holding large stacks of money in November 2021.

Jumping into the rap scene, he released his first song in 2021, which was received with much appreciation due to his unique and raw sound, which embodies the O’ Block Drill signature sound. His first song after his release was 12 AM, which he followed up with Winnin and Right Back. Since then, he has been on a rampage with regard to writing, performing, and releasing music.

Munna Duke Age

Munna is believed to be around 25 to 30 years old as of 2023. However, he has not revealed his exact age and appears to be a very discrete figure when it comes to his personal life. Nevertheless, we are deeply researching his age and birthday and will update it soon enough. So be sure to keep tabs.

Munna Duke Height and Appearance

Munna has a similar appearance to the late King Von. He stands at a height of 5 feet, 8 inches as of 2023. In addition, he has a moderately slim physique and a kind of buff physique, suggesting that he either lifts weights or does some kind of workout. In addition, he also has several tattoos all over his body. Many of his tattoos signify his affinity for his hood, O’ Block, and also for his friends. A class act outside the booth, he dresses very smartly, and it is evident that he is indeed “getting paid” due to his dress code. He likes wearing all kinds of designer clothes from brands such as Dior, Bape, Nike, Balenciaga, Timberland, Amiri, and Off-White.

Full NameMunna Duke
HometownO’Block, Chicago, Illinois
Age25 to 30 years old
BirthdayNot shared
Height5 feet 8 inches
GenreDrill Rap
Net Worth$500,000

Munna Duke Discography

Munna has released several songs since his debut, some of the songs he has released include; Intro, Shooters, Right Back, No Hook, Off tha Porch, Quick Message, Ride, and 10 TO DA O. As a result of his rising fame, Munna has amassed a total of 19,000 monthly listeners and just over 4,000 followers on the platform as of 2023.

Munna Duke Net Worth

In 2023, Munna Duke’s net worth is estimated to be around $500,000. This monetary success isn’t just from his music; it shows how smart he is in the music game. His money grows because of his dope live shows, each beat and lyric not only makes fans vibe but also makes his bank account grow.

On Instagram, Munna Duke flexes his stacks of cash, giving everyone a peek into his determined hustle. These pics aren’t just about showing money; they’re about showing how he’s chasing his dreams non-stop. And that “O’ Block” chain he rocks isn’t just shiny bling; it’s like a badge that shows he’s leveled up in the music scene, a shiny way to say he’s put in the work.

Beyond the screen, Munna Duke’s ride is a fancy Cadillac, showing off his success in the streets. As he keeps blowing up in the hip-hop world, his money keeps stacking up too. His fame and tracks are like a mixtape of success, telling a story of hustle and making it big.

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