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Sarcastic Sounds Biography, Age, Wiki, Beats and Net Worth

Sarcastic Sounds Biography

Sarcastic Sounds (born Jeremy Fedryk) is an up-and-coming Canadian producer, singer, and songwriter who has gained a lot of popularity in the past few days due to his outstanding production skills. Currently signed with Columbia, he makes all kinds of beats, from lo-fi hip-hop to pop and legendary mashups. Sarcastic Sounds does it all. Most notably, he has produced a track for Lil Wayne. In this article, we put our focus on everything there is to know about the talented producer and his rise to fame in the world of beat-making.

Sarcastic Sounds Wikipedia

Jeremy learned music production at a very early age, and by his early teens, he had already started selling his instrumentals under the controversial moniker “Sarcastic Assh*le.” After gaining a little popularity and making a few sales, he decided to change his moniker to Sarcastic Sounds, which is more presentable and even sounds more mature. As the years went by, he started getting better and better and focused more on lo-fi hip-hop as well as sample manipulation, which became kind of his signature style.

His earliest tracks released in 2018 included “I Can’t Help”, “I Don’t Sleep” and “Jealousy”. In all his tracks, he employed a melancholic melodic approach that immediately caught the attention of the listener. In the same year, he participated in a beat-making competition that went absolutely viral and brought him a lot of recognition, catching even the attention of rap producer Mannie Fresh. Together with Manny, Sarcastic Sounds produced Mahogany on Lil Wayne’s 2020 album, “Funeral”. He has since been on a beat-making frenzy and has released several beats that continue to be listened to even on his Spotify page, and he currently has millions of views on the platform.

Sarcastic Sounds Age

Sarcastic Sounds is currently 23 years old as of 2023. He was born in 2000 in Canada. Despite being quite young, Jeremy has managed to make a lasting impact on the music scene with his catchy and entertaining beats.

Sarcastic Sounds Height and Appearance

With silky brown hair and a rather welcoming demeanor, Jeremy stands at a height of 5 feet, 8 inches. In addition, he has a well-built physique and dresses in a fashionable manner, which is commonplace for a young guy like him. Also, Sarcastic has brown eyes, which bring out his curly brown hair even more.

Full NameJeremy Fedryk
Age23 years old
Hair ColorBrown
Height 5 feet, 8 inches
OccupationMusic producer, singer and songwriter
NicknameSarcastic Assh*le
Net Worth$2 million

Sarcastic Sounds Discography

Since the start of his now successful beat-making and singing career, Jeremy has released a lot of tracks and produced several more, which he sells and also posts on music streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and Soundcloud. Some of his most popular tracks include “the way that you see me”, “I Can’t Help”, “Closure”, “change ur mind”, “I Don’t Sleep”, “say goodbye”, “Disappointment”, “ill come back to you”, “fools”, and “Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic, Pt. 2”. In addition, he has over 2.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify and has released two albums as of October 2023.

Sarcastic Sounds Net Worth

As of 2023, rising producer Sarcastic Sounds has an estimated net worth of around $2 million. He owes this impressive figure to his successful career in music production, whereby he sells several beats. In addition, he also gets lots of streams on most of the platforms where he puts out his music, which in turn earns him very handsomely.

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