Abednego Lufile

Abednego Lufile Biography, Wiki, Age, Height, Wife and Net Worth

Abednego Lufile Biography

Abednego Lufile is a Canadian pastor and 5x best-selling author who is rising rapidly in the realm of religion in the United States. Lufile is also a former professional basketball player and usually posts videos of himself hooping even after starting ministry work. He comes from a family of believers and his father, Pastor Benjamin Lufile is his main source of inspiration. In this article, we take a look at everything you need to know about Pastor Lufile.

Abednego Lufile Wiki

Abednego Lufile, a name that resonates with both the courts and the pulpit, began his journey in the world of professional basketball. Born with the skills to maneuver on the court, Lufile pursued a successful career as a professional basketball player. Little did he know that his life would take a divine turn, leading him to a path beyond the confines of the basketball court.

Beyond the Buzzer Beater – The Literary Trailblazer

While mastering the art of dribbling and slam dunks, Abednego Lufile unveiled another facet of his personality – that of an author. With five books under his belt, including bestsellers like “Family Curses: Revelation Knowledge on Bloodline Oppressions” and “The Unlocking of Dreams,” Lufile showcased his ability to articulate profound spiritual insights that transcended the boundaries of the physical world.

The Call Unheeded

In the year 2017, Abednego Lufile received a divine call that beckoned him to a higher purpose. Despite witnessing miracles and helping people overcome demonic oppressions since 2014, he initially ignored the call. It took several years of wrestling with rejection, doubt, and fear before Lufile could fully embrace his calling as a Prophet in 2021.

Social Media Ministry – The Digital Pulpit

Recognizing the power of digital platforms, Abednego Lufile established a strong presence on social media. From TikTok and YouTube to Facebook and Instagram, he leveraged these platforms to reach a global audience.

His handle, “@Prophetabednegolufile,” became a beacon of truth, guiding followers through a maze of spiritual complexities. In a digital age filled with impostors and scammers, Lufile’s authenticity shone through, amassing over 88,000 followers on Instagram, 357,000 on TikTok, and 21,000 subscribers on YouTube as of December 2023.

A Charismatic Voice

In the charismatic Christian community, Abednego Lufile emerged as a respected and influential figure. His discussions on topics ranging from the Pope and family curses to false prophets and holiness resonated deeply with believers. The rapid growth of his YouTube channel and social media following attested to the impact of his charismatic ministry.

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Abednego Lufile Age

Abednego Lufile is 29 years old as of 2023. He was born and raised in Burlington Ontario in 1994. Mr. Lufile celebrates his birthday on June 8 every year.

Abednego Lufile Height and Appearance

Boasting a commanding presence, Lufile stands at a height of 6 feet 7 inches tall as of 2023. He has a very fit athletic physique and played as a power forward during his basketball days. He is a regular gym goer and by so doing, maintains his impressive physique. In addition, he also dresses in a very fashionable manner and it is evident that he possesses an innate sense of fashion.

Full NameAbednego Lufile
Age29 years old
BirthdayJune 8, 1994
Home CountryBurlington, Ontario, Canada
Height 6 feet 7 inches
OccupationPastor, author and former pro basketball player
WifeErin Lufile
Net Worth$7 million

Abednego Lufile Wife

Abednego is married to his stunning wife, Erin whom he met on Instagram. The lovely couple got married in 2021 and are proud parents of their baby boy.

Abednego with his wife

Abednego Lufile Net Worth

As of 2023, Lufile’s net worth stands at around $7 million which goes to show just how successful his career in basketball and ministry has been. He currently shepherds a large congregation and is also usually called up to speak at several venues and churches which add to his revenue.

In addition, his books have also sold hundreds of copies and have resulted in his net worth growing steadily over the years. He currently stands as a 5x best-selling author and it is evident he is not stopping any time soon.

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