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Labryant Friend (Pastor) Biography, Wiki, Age, Wife and Net Worth

Labryant Friend Biography

Labryant Friend is the head pastor of Belong Church ATL in Atlanta. Before pastoring Belong Church, he served as a pastor at Mount Calvary M.B. Church. He attended the infamous Oral Roberts University where he earned his Master of Divinity. He has since become a fast-rising figure in the realm of progressive Christianity.

Labryant Friend Church

Labryant, alongside his wife, has been steadfastly leading Belong Church for many years, guiding their congregation with unwavering dedication. Before establishing their ministry in Atlanta, they served in diverse ministry roles, both together and individually, accumulating a wealth of experience and wisdom.

Labryant’s dynamic and enthusiastic demeanor electrifies Belong Church’s Sunday services, infusing them with energy and excitement.

Preaching Style and Nuances

His preaching style incorporates various cultural nuances, resonating with a diverse audience. While his approach has garnered praise for its inclusivity and relatability, it has also faced criticism from more conservative pastors who question its alignment with scripture.

Despite differing opinions, Labryant remains committed to his vision of fostering a welcoming and engaging spiritual community at Belong Church, where all individuals feel valued and accepted. His innovative methods continue to inspire and challenge traditional perceptions of ministry, sparking meaningful conversations within the broader religious community.

Labryant Friend Age

Born on 5th March 1981, Labryant Friend is 43 years old. During his 43rd birthday. Friend was surprised by his wife and members of his church who were more than happy to get him a cake and make the day special for him.

Labryant Friend Wife

Labryant is married to his lovely wife and co-pastor, Phineka Friend. The lovely couple got married in 2008 and have been blessed with 4 lovely daughters.

Labryant with his wife

Labryant Friend Net Worth

With a large ministry that is growing day by day and also a very loyal following, Friend is currently estimated to have a net worth of around $4 million. He owes this mainly to donations from his ministry. He in turn lives a lavish and opulent lifestyle that is characterized by stylish designer clothing.

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