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Who Is Nana Agyemang? Bio, Wiki, Age, Dating and Net Worth

Nana Agyemang Biography

Nana Agyemang is an American journalist and entrepreneur best known for being the founder of EveryStylishGirl, a media company for millennial and Gen Z women of color. She has also worked at several noteworthy media companies in the past including New York Magazine and ELLE Magazine. In this article, we take a look at the career, personal life, and everything else you need to know about Miss Agyemang.

Nana Agyemang Wikipedia

Educational Background

Nana Agyemang, a scholar and passionate seeker of knowledge, pursued her educational journey with fervor. She embarked on her academic voyage at George Washington University, where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Digital Communication and Multimedia. Fueling her thirst for learning further, she later attended Columbia University, School of Journalism, to attain her Master’s degree in Multimedia Journalism.

Her academic achievements laid the foundation for a remarkable career trajectory. Nana’s professional journey is marked by her relentless pursuit of empowering women of color in the media and fashion industry. As the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of EveryStylishGirl, LLC, she spearheaded a media company aimed at uplifting millennial and Gen Z women of color.

Through initiatives like “Sip N Slay” summits, Nana provided invaluable networking and job placement opportunities for over 100,000 Black and Brown women, fostering a supportive community within the industry. Her innovative approach included the creation of a global HR directory, connecting aspiring professionals with recruiters, and amplifying diverse voices in media and fashion.

Life Before Entrepreneurship

Prior to her entrepreneurial endeavor, Nana honed her skills as a Social Media Editor and Host at New York Magazine, where she significantly expanded The Cut’s online presence, doubling its Instagram audience to 1 million followers. She pioneered the IGTV series “Cut Chats” and conducted impactful celebrity interviews, earning recognition for outstanding Met Gala social coverage.

Nana’s expertise extends beyond editorial roles, as evidenced by her stint as a Content Strategist Editor at Refinery29, Inc. Here, she curated content that celebrated diversity in fashion and beauty, driving audience growth and optimizing strategies for SEO.

Desire to help the Underrepresented

Her commitment to amplifying underrepresented voices is further showcased through her contributions as a Freelance Writer for ELLE Magazine, where she highlighted issues affecting Black and underrepresented communities of women. Her articles shed light on important topics such as racial microaggressions in the fashion industry, resonating with readers seeking inclusivity and representation.

Moreover, Nana’s impact reached global platforms, as she served as a Multimedia Contributor for the BBC, fact-checking and developing video stories centered around race, politics, culture, and international affairs.

Nana Agyemang Age

When asked how old she was during an Instagram Q&A, Nana simply answered one of her fans, “I am your favorite African auntie”, pointing out in a friendly way that she prefers not to share her age at the moment.

Nana Agyemang Height and Physical Appearance

Nana is a very beautiful and elegant lady who possesses all the features you’d want in a model. She has a curvy and fit physique which is characterized by a flat tummy and thin waist, which is evidence that she works out regularly. In addition, she complements her dark skin complexion with brown eyes which are nothing short of mesmerizing

Is Nana Agyemang Dating

As of Mach 2024, we can confidently confirm that Nana is single. In addition, she has managed to keep her love life under the radar and away from the public eye and has not shared any information that would suggest she is in a relationship at the moment.

During a photoshoot for Pandora, she was paired with another model in a series of “engagement-themed” poses which quickly raised the curiosity of whether or not the model in question was her man. However, her caption, which was very clear about it only being a promo photoshoot put to bed any speculation.

Nana Agyemang Net Worth

With an extensive understanding of the world of digital and social spaces, Nana has managed to grow her wealth to a very impressive level. As of 2024, She has amassed an estimated net worth of around $2 million through her work helping people strategize, optimize, and grow their social media, brands, and businesses.

Nana Pictured in glamorous clothes

Being a very beautiful lady, Nana also models and advertises for some very prominent brands and events such as Pandora, Sip N’ Slay, JCK Events, Yelp For Business, and many other brands.

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