Lana Lubany

Lana Lubany Biography, Wiki, Height, Age, Family and Net Worth

Lana Lubany Biography

Lana Lubany is a UK-based Palestinian-American artist who is currently on the rise after her track, ‘THE SNAKE’ which is the first track she ever sang in Arabic and English. She first got into the limelight after a TikTok video where she sang the song to her mom went viral. Her mom supportively commented after hearing the song, “Finally! You See? It’s on a whole other level”. Since her song THE SNAKE burst into the mainstream, she has been making incredible strides in writing and releasing music. In this article, we take a closer look into her life, career, and lifestyle.

Lana Lubany Wikipedia

Lana’s journey in the world of music began in the heart of Palestine, where her childhood home resonated with the sweet melodies of her upbringing. An early bloomer in the world of songwriting, Lana started crafting her musical tales at the tender age of 11. Her parents, bless them, recognized her talent, and provided unwavering support, nurturing her gift. Her path took an interesting twist when she became a member of a peace choir, granting her the opportunity to perform in front of esteemed figures, including the former US President, Barack Obama. It was a remarkable experience that fueled her passion.

In 2013, Lana took center stage for the first time as a solo performer during the Nazareth Christmas Market event. The following year, she graced the Bethlehem Christmas Market with her own full-hour performance, cementing her presence in the local music scene.

After her high school graduation in 2015, Lana embarked on a digital journey, sharing her musical talents on YouTube through cover songs. Simultaneously, she delved into her original compositions, driven by her early love for mystery and horror books and films. Her debut single, “One Of A Kind,” released in January 2017, garnered praise and a growing fanbase. Teaming up with producer “Dushii,” Lana kicked off the creation of her debut EP in April 2017. Nearly a year later, her first EP track, “Still Love U Call Me,” saw the light of day.

Move To London

In pursuit of her musical dreams, Lana relocated to the United Kingdom in 2017, finding a new home in the vibrant city of London. She perceived the city as a haven for emerging artists, firmly believing that her big break was waiting in the bustling capital.

It was the release of “THE SNAKE” that marked a turning point in Lana’s career. This track, she asserts, truly encapsulates her essence as an artist. Its success propelled her into stardom, establishing her as a unique talent who effortlessly weaves Arabic and English into her music. Lana draws inspiration from luminaries like Rosalia and Billie Eilish, infusing her songs with atmospheric and visionary qualities, while imbuing her lyrics with purpose and storytelling prowess. With a knack for crafting fresh and catchy melodies, Lana’s music paints a vivid sonic landscape that captivates her audience. Similar artists to Lana include Dizzy Fae, Bloody Civilian, and Aldrch.

Lana Lubany Age

Lubany is 26 years old. She was born on November 3, 1996, in Jaffa, Israel. Many consider her quite young for her achievements and have claimed that she is headed in the Billie Eilish direction of being an alt-pop sensation.

Lana Lubany Height and Appearance

Lana stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches. She has long, dark hair and a very cute face. A true fashionista, Lubany not only keeps up with the latest fashion trends but also makes impressive fashion statements with her dress, which is at all times elegant, stylish, trendy, and exquisite. She has a model-like physique characterized by long legs, a flat tummy, and beautiful curves, which make her a sight for sore eyes.

Full NameLana Lubany
Age26 years old
Height5 feet 6 inches
HometownBeverly Hills, California
GenreAlt-Pop, R&B
Net Worth$2 million

Lana Lubany Family

Lubany is evidently very fond of her parents, Juan Lubany and Diana Zu’bi. She usually posts both her father and mother on her Instagram, playing them her music, which she asks them to comment on. Her mother has remained a regular highlight in her music journey since her ‘THE SNAKE” days, and it is clear that her parents are very supportive and encouraging of her career path. She also has a sister named Karine.

Lana Lubany Discography

From the outset of her illustrious career, two defining traits have always shone brightly in Lana’s artistic journey. Firstly, her prowess as a songwriter has been nothing short of outstanding. Secondly, she’s an innate stage performer, fearlessly embracing the spotlight and captivating live audiences. In fact, Lana’s love for live performances and her penchant for acapella singing have become signature features of her presence on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

Beyond her captivating live acts, Lana’s musical talents have manifested in a series of compelling releases that grace various music platforms, including Soundcloud, Apple Music, YouTube, and Spotify.

As of the latest update on September 9, 2023, Lana’s musical footprint boasts impressive numbers. Her Spotify presence alone boasts a remarkable 456,000 monthly listeners, with an astonishing 73,000 followers. On YouTube, she’s cultivated a dedicated audience, amassing over 57,000 subscribers and a grand total of more than 8 million video views.

Lana’s musical repertoire is as diverse as it is enchanting. Among her notable creations are tracks like “SOLD,” “CLONES,” “Isolation,” “Four,” “Alive in Hell,” “POINT OF NO RETURN,” “Eden,” “EXPECTATIONS,” “ON MY WAY,” and “Devil’s Circle.” Among these, her chart-topping hit, “THE SNAKE,” stands tall with over 11 million streams on Spotify, closely followed by the mesmerizing “SOLD,” which has garnered an impressive 9 million streams.

Lana Lubany Net Worth

Due to her growing popularity and music stream numbers, Lana Lubany has an estimated net worth of $2 million which is evidence of her hard work and commitment to her craft. In addition, she always sells out her various venues and performs in other countries which makes her a formidable performer. Her fans are always eager to hear her voice live and this stage performance fame translates directly into her revenue streams. Also, she earns a considerable amount of revenue from music streaming platforms as well as her several collaborations and endorsements with other brands and artists.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lana

How old is Lana Lubany?

Lana is 26 years old. She celebrates her birthday on November 3 every year and will turn 27 in November.

Where is Lana Lubany From?

Lana was born and raised in Palestine. However, she moved to the UK in 2017. She currently resides in London.

What ethnicity is Lana Lubany?

Lana is of Arabic ethnicity as she was born to Palestinian parents.

How tall is Lana Lubany?

Lana stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches.

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