Matthew Stevenson

Matthew Stevenson Biography, Wiki, Age, Church and Net Worth

Matthew Stevenson Biography

Matthew Stevenson is an American pastor, evangelist, and author best known for being the senior pastor and president of All Nations Collective including ANWA Churches and Ethnos School of Church Planting. He incorporates a modern approach to his preaching and outlook making him appealing to the youthful generation. With the help of his wife, he runs a ministry that is constantly growing globally.

Matthew Stevenson Wikipedia

Stevenson considers himself a global influencer, culturalist, and visionary who acts as a sound voice during this complex time in the history of the United States and the world as a whole. He is a very decorated scholar and had a very successful stint in the world of academia. This innate ability in the realm of academics and leadership has assisted him even in ministry as he implements strategy in his leadership style.

He started his public ministry back in 1999 and has since served as the founder and senior pastor of All Nations Worship Assembly for over 15 years. As of 2023, he has become very popular on social media and on YouTube where most of his ministry’s videos are posted. Matthew is now considered a leader of one of the United State’s largest and fastest-growing urban charismatic movements,

Matthew Stevenson Church

Over the years, Stevenson’s ministry has grown by global proportions and has 10 locations with a total of over 15,000 congregants. His ministry is characterized by powerful, bold preaching and delivery which is accompanied by unusual supernatural occurrences. He also claims to have the gift of prophecy and usually conducts prophetic services all around the world.

Dr. Stevenson is deeply involved in offering spiritual guidance to a diverse range of individuals, including entertainers, professional athletes, politicians, and business executives. He holds a prominent position as an apostolic leader, embodying a strong sense of compassion and mentorship. Serving as an overseer, he shoulders the responsibility for numerous churches within the All Nations Network, a collective of independent ministries that seek his spiritual guidance and protection.

Matthew Stevenson Age

Matthew Stevenson is 40 years old as of 2023. The esteemed evangelist celebrates his birthday on the 5th of July every year. Despite being in his forties, many people have complimented him for having a youthful look and energy which is uncharacteristic of people his age. In addition, he has a very modern sense of style often regarded to be appropriate for the younger generation but Matthew rocks the urban fits with pride.

Matthew Stevenson Height and Appearance

Matthew carries a youthful look and energy to himself and it is evident that he likes to look good even while preaching to his congregants. The stylish pastor stands at a height of 6 feet and has a dark complexion that matches his dark brown eyes and black hair. It appears that he hits the gym regularly and has the muscles to show for it. In addition, Matthew has lots of tattoos all over his body which he shows off regularly.

Full NameMatthew L. Stevenson, III
Age40 years old
Height6 feet
HometownChicago, Illinois
OccupationAuthor, pastor
WifeKamilah Stevenson
Net Worth$15 million

Matthew Stevenson Wife

Matthew is married to his lovely wife, Kamilah Stevenson who is also a religious leader and a health and wellness expert. She posts about health on social media. She usually posts videos about various spiritual and relationship-based topics on her Instagram page. Together, Matthew and his wife form a formidable duo that are gaining worldwide popularity for their ministry and bond which they are never shy of showing off on their social media pages.

Matthew with his beautiful wife, Kamilah

Matthew Stevenson Net Worth

Matthew Stevenson has a net worth of around $15 million as of 2023. He owes this impressive figure to his successful ministry which is currently the home of over 15,000 congregants and has 10 locations which are all usually packed to the brim. He lives a luxurious life and is never shy of showing off his expensive and opulent lifestyle. As he continues to build up his ministry, it is evident that Dr. Stevenson could end up as one of the richest pastors in the world. His lifestyle is similar to the likes of Jonathan Ferguson and Innocent Java.

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